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necDAO — Governance and Loyalty token for DEXes

Communities and Ventures in the DAOstack Ecosystem

Hi folks 🖖 we keep reflecting on the developments in the DAOstack ecosystem and putting a spotlight on different DAO founders, communities and ventures that are building in this exciting space.

For our first post, we took a snapshot of the epic dOrg team! Today we’ll be going to introduce you awesome necDAO team.


necDAO — is the decentralized nerve-centre of Nectar and DeversiFi with approx. 17,000 ETH pledged at launch. Members of Nectar DAO will have collective control over the use of funds and determine the success or failure of proposals with the aim of growing the DeversiFi, Nectar as well as wider DeFi ecosystem. The ETH pledged at launch was originally collected by Ethfinex (as trading fees) to reward traders of the exchange through the Nectar token. When Ethfinex closed down, in keeping with their mission to build out working decentralized systems that gives true stakeholders real input, DeversiFi carried on the torch and built the necDAO, pledging the remaining ETH collected by Ethfinex. More information about necDAO and how to become a Reputation owning member can be found here.

Ben Wilson (@ben_eth) , necDAO:

Our belief is that working decentralized governance systems are a fundamental requirement for DeFi to work. The team behind DeversiFi, has spent the better part of 3 years experimenting with and developing decentralized governance/exchange technology and the necDAO is a culmination of those efforts — a testament to our belief in DAOs and their place in a rapidly emerging, decentralized world. Until well into the development of blockchains and smart-contracts, there was no real way to place control of funds securely in the hands of a ‘truly’ decentralised community. Today, thanks to the incredible work from the guys at DAOstack, among others, DAOs have come a long way and there are a number of thriving examples which we hope will go on to stand the test of time and steadily inspire adoption. With 100 members to date, we see necDAO playing a leading role here, growing over time to encompass a much larger ecosystem of participants, inspiring adoption, rewarding the global talented pool, and collectively building what we expect will become one of the largest decentralised networks for digital asset exchange and development.

Learn More about necDAO:

Learn More about DAOstack:

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