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Sep 11, 2018 · 3 min read

In this story, I will introduce what is We Build World from following topics:

  • What is We Build World
  • Why we build it
  • Product Vision
  • What I could do
  • Contact us

What is We Build World

We Build World is a community to connect the developers and the project (similar to traditional employers). In a community, developers could be easy to find what he/she is interested in (aka. a brick, equals to a task), and also the project could issue a bounty.

Why we build it

We found that in the traditional company, there are several limitations:

  • A significant number of individuals don’t have access to mainstream corporate work environments due to the constraints of distance(work permit), timing, age, gender, health(even pregnancy), or lack of a mainstream academic certificate.
  • New technology booming — lots of decentralized tasks that demand manpower and very specific skill sets. Not yet full-time jobs, thus hard to find full-time workers in job markets.
  • Only the founders are the biggest people who acquire the most benefit from the company.
  • Last, but not least, traditional company derive from manufacturing, like an assembly line. Each developer is like a screw in a machine. It is fixed, and standard. But for a developer, who is a HUMAN, could be developed in many perspectives. Now many companies are seeking innovation, inner-incubation, but it is a huge barrier from the traditional company and its structure.

Product Vision

The vision of We Build World is to build a community by the community, and for the community.

What I could do

The very first prototype of We Build World could be testable online, you can visit the website.

  1. You can help us to audit our smart contracts, we believe the smartest people are in the community.
  2. You can help us promote this article/story, the community is building by the community.

Contact us

You can reach us at :


We bring you workshops, open-source projects and blog to take you where the bit is going


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We bring you workshops, open-source projects and blog to take you where the bit is going