Web3 UX Unconference 2019

On April 14, one day after #EDCON2019 in Sydney we were running Web3 UX Unconference.

Here’s a recap and video links to the talks from the Unconference.

Weiwu Zhang CTO of AlphaWallet presented #Tokenscript, a token behavior markup language that serves web3 in a similar way to what HTML serve for web2.

Video Link: Weiwu Zhang — #Tokenscript and tokenization use cases

Mark Pereira — Cofounder of Alice presented the proposal for UX patterns of superapps and talk about @heyaliceapp crypto #supperapp that enables web3 experience on mobile and easy deployment using react native.

Video Link: Mark Pereira — Alice as the crypto #superapp

Marek Kirejczyk — founder of ETHWORKS and lead developer of UniversalLogin.io showed the progress on developing seamless onboarding following Alex Van de Sande’s #Web3UXUnconf proposal from 2018

Tom Nash — CTO and co-founder of Flexdapps showed Blocknative and shared vision for Web3 consideration for games.

Video Link: Tom Nash — Flexdapps and Blocknative

Dan Finlay — Creator of Metamask talking about security, onboarding and how it ties to Ethereum Object Capabilities.

Video Link: Dan Finlay— Metamask

Since we were having the #Web3UXUnconf in Chinatown in @HaymarketHQ we’ve had great Chinese food and listened to some traditional Chinese 二胡 tunes 🏮🧧🎎.

Thanks AlphaWallet for sponsoring and making it possible.

Darryl Morris — Independent Ethereum Developer shared Sandal-Straps smart contracts and Tilux as the bassis for an Ethenian DAO.

Video Link: Darryl Morris —From the Bush

Victor Huang — founder of UCOT shares the supply chain design thinking approach taken when using NFC and business integration with a private Blockchain.

Video Link: Victor Huang —UCOT


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