What’s happening in the Australian Blockchain Ecosystem?

With the Blockchain industry constantly evolving, the Australian ecosystem is also moving forward with a lot of progress. 2017 was a big year for the industry with the ICO boom with notable projects such as PowerLedger, Canya, Republic Protocol and Synthethic (Havven) putting Australian on the global radar.

After spending some time in the ecosystem and getting to know the wider crypto community through places such as DevconIV, I can confidently state that the caliber of Blockchain developers and entrepreneurs in this space parallels those from the US, Europe and Asia.

Really looking forward to what 2019 brings to the table and hope to see this landscape grow! Below is the most up to date graphic compiled (10/12/2018) and all the listed companies under each section with a list of 124 different organisations

For projects that are missing, please feel free to comment your information to the Google Doc. All of these graphics are done voluntarily so please be patient for the next update.


  • Bitfwd community: Grassroots community of cypherpunks, Blockchain developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts.
  • SydETH: Meetup to discuss the potential of the Ethereum platform, the wider blockchain and crypto ecosystem, and to share or collaborate on blockchain-based projects.
  • Blockchain Professionals: Meetup for professionals is a forum to discuss Blockchain and other digital emergent technologies.
  • BokkyPooBah Ethereum Workshops: Cater for people at different skill levels interested in working in the Ethereum ecosystem, whether for a career or a hobby.
  • Blockchain Centre (Melbourne): State of the art coworking and shared office space for startups working in blockchain technology.
  • Blockchain Centre (Sydney): Promote the development of Australian blockchain industry and establish Australia’s core position in the global blockchain sector.
  • Consensys: Global organism building the infrastructure, applications, and practices that enable a decentralized world.
  • Adelaide Blockchain: Initiative out of University of Adelaide and Flinders University that dedicates their time to engage and educate individuals on all aspects of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Web3.0 technology.
  • GoldCoast Blockchain: collection of heads on the GC together who are interested, developing, selling or researching all things Blockchain related.
  • UTS CryptoSoc: Educate individuals, groups and organisations on the benefits of integrating Cryptocurrencies and its derivatives into every day societal functions.
  • CryptoSoc UNSW: Educate students on the unlocked potential of the architecture behind the Cryptocurrency network — Blockchain technology.
  • USYD Blockchain & CryptoCurrency Society: Lowering the barrier for students to learn about the fundamental aspects of blockchain industry
  • Tank Stream Labs (Blockchain Hub): Bring together the Australian blockchain community and Tank Stream Labs has a proven track record of creating a successful technology start up community.
  • Aus Loves Crypto: Community for Aussie ICOs, Crypto and Blockchain people
  • CryptoSA: Facilitate Blockchain startups to rapidly grow their Tokenomic in quality and scale.
  • Token Showtime: Cultivating a flourishing community of Aussie crypto enthusiasts.
  • Web3 Melbourne: Medium for developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who wish to learn more about the project and discuss it with like-minded individuals
  • NEM: Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain)


  • SigmaPrime: Blockchain & Cybersecurity Expertise
  • Block8: Australia’s leading blockchain venture studio
  • FuelGames: Performant, scalable blockchain infrastructure for world-class video games.
  • FlexDapps: Sharp tech consultancy and dapp development studio in Melbourne Australia
  • Enhanced Society: Building a platform for socially responsible businesses
  • Bok Consulting: Niche technology information technology consultancy
  • Zed: Web3 software cooperative focused on product management and open source.
  • TypeHuman: Blockchain consulting and venture studio
  • Forestlyn: Achieving marketing results for blockchain and cryptocurrency projects
  • Prismatik: Technology & blockchain consulting, talent, teams, advisory & investment. Involved with Blockchain Professionals, TSL Blockchain Hub, Blockchain Trade Australia
  • Latitude Blockchain Services: Latitude is a startup accelerator and blockchain advisory company providing the services and expertise to take your startup to the next level!
  • StartOn Chain: Providing consultancy services for crypto-related startups interested
  • Deepyr: Blockchain Research & Development
  • Entersoft Security: Blockchain Cyber Security, Smart Contract Audits, Pen Testing, Wallet Security, ICO Security, Crypto Exchange Security.
  • Labrys: Blockchain software development company in Brisbane, focussed on building innovative solutions for clients across multiple industries
  • CoBloX: Blockchain research lab focusing on blockchain interoperability
  • Consulere.io: Strategy, financial & legal consulting
  • BlockToken: EOS powered blockchain and DApp platform for launching and managing token based crowdfunding campaigns
  • DigitalX: Financial and technical services for the blockchain marketplace
  • Five2One: Modernise web architecture and build quality products


  • BTCMarkets: Secure, reliable, transparent marketplace for trading blockchain assets. Australia’s first ADCA Gold Certified Exchange.
  • Independent Reserve: Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Coinstop: Buy and Sell more cryptocurrencies than any other exchange in Australia.
  • Bit Trade: Buy and sell the world’s leading digital currencies
  • Coinjar: Simplest way to buy and sell popular digital currencies.
  • CoinExchange: Australia’s Premier Alt-Coin Exchange
  • Coinpoket: AI Crypto Exchange
  • Huobi Australia: Leading digital asset exchange in Australia.
  • Cointree: Platform that makes purchasing digital currency a breeze
  • Lex.Exchange: Australia’s Next Generation Cryptocurrency Exchange

Government / Associations:

Financial Services:

  • Living Room of Satoshi: Sell Bitcoin for AUD or pay any bill instantly
  • Local Ethereum: Peer-to-peer Ethereum marketplace.
  • Travel By Bit: Opening the World to Digital Currency Tourism. Search and book flights, accommodation, tours and more. Pay using cryptocurrency.
  • Coinstop: Australia’s leading cryptocurrency hardware provider.
  • Get Paid In Bitcoin: We offer all Australians the opportunity to start receiving a portion of their wages in Bitcoin instead of Australian dollars
  • BlueShyft: Network of 1,200+ retail locations around Australia all equipped with an iOS based platform that allows customers to use cash to pay for digital goods and services
  • Strayacoin: POS enables businesses to accept cryptocurrencies.
  • Paid By Coins: Fast and secure bill payments service that lets you pay bills via BPAY or pay directly to any Australian bank account using major cryptocurrencies.

Financial Projects

  • Synthetix (formerly Havven): Cryptoasset-backed network that enables the creation of on-chain synthetic assets.
  • Republic Protocol: Decentralized dark pool exchange protocol, for trading large volumes of digital assets.
  • 8x Protocol: Protocol built on Ethereum that enables decentralised repeating payments.
  • myStake: Digital share registry built on the Ethereum blockchain
  • Invox Finance: Invoice lending on the Blockchain
  • Programmable Equity Network: Programmable Equity is an open source Ethereum Smart Contract Framework that allows companies to tokenize the equity within their organisation
  • OnRamp Technologies: Australia’s first regulatory complaint AUD fiat backed stablecoin
  • Meld.gold: World’s first truly tradable global currency.
  • Speckle OS: Building the new web on Polkadot.
  • Bata: The Blockchain Built For Barter
  • Equal: Congregate investment and utility all into one tool
  • BEAM: Pay with your phone,earn rewards.
  • Liven Pay: Spend and Earn Cryptocurrency Instantly
  • EOSphere: Australia EOS Block Producer


  • Tenzorum: portal to use the web of the future in your devices, today. It allows you to get the full benefits of decentralization without compromising on user-experience or security.
  • Rocketpool: Next Generation Decentralised Ethereum Proof of Stake Network


  • PowerLedger: Australian blockchain-based renewable energy trading platform.
  • Enosi: Open-source community energy platform providing consumers with choice, transparency and efficiency
  • Solara: Tokenised Access and Ownership of Solar and Renewables Infrastructure


  • RMIT Blockchain: Understanding the social and economic consequences of the blockchain
  • Rocketshoes: Blockchain powered digital asset platform for the future of education and work
  • TappCoin: Monetising eLearning on the Blockchain

Voting & Identity:

  • Horizon State: Empowering communities with decision making tools that inspire trust
  • Flux Party: Your way to participate directly in parliament. Empowering people in government decisions directly through technology.
  • Trig ID: Instant, universal, provable digital identity


  • Cryptorecruit: Specialist recruiters to the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency industry
  • Blockchain People: Sourcing talent for Blockchain & Cryptocurrency
  • Laddr: World’s first, anonymous hiring platform where software engineers are in control.


  • Frankl: Open science on the blockchain


  • AgriDigital: Trust & Transparency for Agri Supply Chains
  • AgriChain: World’s most comprehensive agricultural supply chain software solution.


  • Konkrete: Tokenising the Real Estate Sector (STO platform)
  • Australian Mortgage Marketplace: Australian Mortgage Marketplace is the neo lender that’s building a better home loan, funded on Australia’s first mortgage securitisation blockchain


  • Emanate: Self-governing Audio Exchange Protocol
  • Block42: Bridge from Minecraft to Oasis. A blockchain platform for everything
  • Gazecoin: Patent-registered blockchain platform measured by gaze control/eye tracking.
  • Skrilla: Utility token used as the core medium for exchange on the Skrilla fantasy esports platform.
  • PlayChip: Incentivised, blockchain-enabled, global sports community & gaming ecosystem



  • 256 Ventures: Global cryptocurrency fund, investing in and managing a portfolio of diversified digital assets.
  • Apollo Capital: Professionally managed diversified portfolio of crypto assets
  • Kapitalized: ICO and Deal Advisory for Early-Stage Ventures


  • Nuggets News: YouTube channel to educate newcomers to the blockchain and cryptocurrency space
  • Cryptofinder: Your guide to the the latest in cryptocurrency, blockchain, distributed ledger and beyond.
  • dbcrypto: Researcher and YouTuber
  • Blockchain Brad: Teach to learn and learn to teach. Cryptocurrency educator.
  • Crypto Australia: Cryptocurrency Australia produces Bitcoin, Blockchain and Crypto content for the everyday hodler.
  • Decentralised Podcast: Founders, developers and people in the blockchain space talking revolutionary technologies in cryptocurrencies and beyond.


  • ChronoBank: HR for the blockchain age
  • Canya: The decentralised serviceplace for the world
  • ShareRing: World’s only trusted web platform for sharing goods and services.
  • Refueler: The future of fuel trading



  • Flight Plan: Design suite for blockchain that provides you with access to design expertise and a platform for rapidly launching a working blockchain prototype.


  • ScalaMed: World’s first digital wallet for prescriptions
  • PUML: Fitness for Health, Data for Rewards

Supply Chain

  • Devery: Track and verify your products through the Blockchain
  • UCOT: Blockchain Powered Smart IoT Ecosystem
  • YTao Global:Connecting the Fashion Apparel industry with Provenance and Transparency
  • TBSx3: Bring trust back to trade


  • Little Phil: Give on your terms and in your own time, knowing you have complete transparency and control over where your money is going — just like a philanthropist would.
  • Sempo.ai: We get cash to people affected by humanitarian crises