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AMA Questions: Part I

Part I of III

1.1 Some top influencers have given a statement they would endorse or partner with Bitgear if the team would public. With so many benefits to the community with influencers, will the team be showing up?

1.2 How large is your team working on this project?

1.3 What is the most exciting feature of the Bitgear ecosystem that is being done better or that other projects are not currently providing?


  • Selling a $100,000 equivalent of ETH on Uniswap will cost 239.8 ETH with a potential price impact of 1.97% and a fee of 0.716ETH, excluding blockchain transfer fees.
  • Selling a $100,000 equivalent of ETH on a popular Centralised Exchange will only cost 234.05 ETH with a potential price impact of 0.1% and a fee being as little as 0.234 ETH, excluding blockchain transfer fees.
  • You have saved 5.75 ETH or an equivalent of $2.450 on this trade (239.8–234.05 ETH).

1.4 Will you provide in your exchange an easy, one-click detailed statement download of all transactions for tax purposes?

1.5 Bitgear has just been listed on Coingecko, congratulations! Is this the start of a new way of buying/selling Bitgear? Would there be upcoming partnerships in the future from big exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, and the like?

1.6 Hi team — I am curious — your project’s scope is extremely large — how confident are you in your team’s abilities to meet technical goals as stated, and have you thus far faced any challenging issues concerning development? If so, how were they handled? Thank you!

1.7 What is your relationship with Polkadot? Are you planning to migrate to their chain, otherwise how will Bitgear be interoperable with Polkadot?

1.8 Who would win in a pillow fight between Batman and Superman?




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