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AMA Questions: Part II

Part II of III

2.1 What is the best-case scenario in terms of cross-chain development?

2.2 Why have you chosen to use a free vector file, easily found on the web, as your main logo? Wouldn’t it have been more appropriate to make a new custom logo?

2.3 Which exchanges is Bitgear planning to support first for cross-exchange trading?

2.4 Will you be connecting to Uniswap specifically? And if so, how do you handle Gas?

2.5 Are there any planned partnerships upcoming?

2.6 Have the smart contracts been audited by Trail of Bits or any other smart contract Auditing companies? If so, will the report be shared? If not, what are the plans for smart contract auditing?

2.7 Can the team go in-depth about partnership with Changelly?

2.8 Are you planning to list the $GEAR token on any Centralized Exchange (CEX)?




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