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Token Lockup Announcement

The last 24hrs have been exciting and we could not be happier with the reception we received from our community as we went live on Uniswap. With over $4 million in trading volume so far, and the $GEAR token has been one of the most successful launches in Uniswap history!!!

As a thank you to our community, and as a show of good faith, we have decided to lock up an additional 6,500,000 $GEAR tokens for an additional 30 days. This brings our new initial circulating supply to 54,475,000! We understand the community’s concern around scams and rug pulls, so we have decided that this is an important step in continuing to help establish trust with the traders who have invested in our project and token. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped bring awareness to the project. We hope to have many more exciting announcements in the coming days!

Based out of Frankfurt, Germany, the team aims to provide an unmatched exchange experience through the development of several tools that will allow traders of any skill level access to algorithmic trading strategies, arbitrage, and decentralized finance (DeFi). has four exciting products as part of its larger platform ecosystem, GEAR Engine, GEAR Market, GEAR Portal and GEAR DeFi. To learn more please please follow us on Twitter, Discord, and Medium!





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