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BFT giveaway carnival, deposit and trade BFT to win 2.2 million BFT and 1600USDT

Bitget will hold [BFT carnival giveaway, deposit and trade BFT to win 2.2 million BFT and 1600USDT] event on May 10th

When: 2021.5.10–5.17 (UTC+8)


1. During the event, signed-up users who participate in BFT spot transactions are ranked according to the Buy in transaction volume.

The top three users can get the following rewards

2. During the event, all users participating in BFT spot transactions can get 10BFT rewards.

The prize pool is up to 200,000 BFT, first come first served!

3. After the event ends, on May 18, Bitget will reward 3% BFT based on the signed-up user’s BFT account assets.

The more BFT assets, the more rewards, the prize pool is 2 million BFT, first come first served!

Activity Rules

1. Participation conditions: new users who have registered and completed KYC during the event period

2. Need to fill in the registration form, otherwise you won’t be able to get rewards

3. Event rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the event ends. BFT rewards will be distributed to spot exchange accounts, and USDT contract trial fund rewards will be distributed to BTC/USDT contract accounts.

4. The contract trial fund can be used for direct contract transactions, and it can also be used to deduct transaction fees/losses/fund fees

5. Bitget reserves the right to interpret the activity and handle the cheating of users participating in the activity.

Note: 30% discount on transaction fees using BFT payment

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