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Bitget AMA Recap:Live AMA with Week11 Top trader-CubitMAX !

On Aug 6, 2020, we were highly excited to have an Ask-Me-Anything session with Bitget Week11 Top trader-CubitMAX !

CubitMax,the original name is Tony,He is one of the teams from Cukong Bitcoin, one of the largest Trader communities in Indonesia, with 7 years of trading experience in Forex, Stocks and Cryptocurrency!

He is a trader and marketing for CukongBitcoin and He is handle CopyTrade accounts on BitgetCubitMAX

This AMA is divided into three parts, where CubitMAX was asked to share their trading experience on Bitget Official Telegram Group.

Section 1

1.Could you tell us a little more about yourself? And how did you step up to crypto industry?

Tony:For myself, previously I was in the investment marketing industry. During approximately 3 years of working in this field, I have experienced only the ups and downs of a failed investment. Finally I started learning and moved into the world of trading. 2017 was the beginning where I started trading on my own learning independently. Then I met a fellow trader at cukongbitcoin, Finally I learned a lot there until now I feel freedom in finance through the world of trading

2.What are the major milestones you have achieved so far?

Tony: We think our greatest achievement is teaching all our students about trading. So that many who have graduated from our trading class now have their own premium channels. So we are very happy to advance the crypto trading industry in Indonesia

Section 2

We have prepared 5 questions from users as well. Let us start with the Q&A session now.Many investors in the group might be interested with the following question:

1.Hy cubitmax Do you have any advice for newbie traders so they can achieve consistent profit like you? @tronwall

Tony:Aims for small and consistent profit…do you know a giant retailer store such a wallmart, they grewup in a frequently transaction, so practice to earn frequently first, do not focus in a bigger value while you doing your first trade. Let’s go next

2.hello cubitmax I know you have a lot of derivatif markets that have been tested, what do you think about Bitget? do you really recommended traders to use bitget? @beuh07

Tony:Yes pretty much, so much easiness for beginerr, particulary those whom begineer to do copy trade

3.Hello cubitmax what is your type trading? Do you scalper or swing trader?And the reason why you choose that? @ddhita26

Tony: Between Scalper and Swinger, We are countinuously research with our speciality “MULTI” wave of elliot wave, for example in a copy trade we ussualy do “ONLY” wave 2 to 3….thats the safest wave to do trade, we ussualy use entry at A point and sell at B point 50 percent, and continuosly till C and D point 30 and 20 percent and then done….and othersome it depend or market..which is sideway market or others

4.What was the strategy that can makes you a good trader like this? Being one of the elite trader, especially in Bitget, was some enormous stuff.. because bitget has some details and tight requirements to be one of their elite trader. @lvl_lvl_lvl

Tony:Same strategy that we answer before, always looking and waiting the safest requirement wave to do entry, our team consist of 2 person of main researcher and 3 assistant to do all market analysis continuously 1x24 hours full time trader working behind 5 big server PC everyday

5.Hy cubitmax ,How you can a top trader? Any strategy trading do you use to become a top trader? I know in derivatif market is very volatile market and many scam wick do you have something to handle that? @lumayancuk

Tony:we always looking for the safest waves to do entry, what is the safest waves?That save waves to do entry is which our elliot requirement featuring some point of stoch RSI etc are clear breakout….

U know that be patient is always good, and no trade is also the part of trading,

just always take your EMOTION out of EQUATION,there’s no way some one start with 100 USDT can earn 10000 USDT in a night trade.


Live Q&A.

1.Hi mr.Tony,May i know the step or the secret how to do what you’ve done now? Being a trader it is very difficult to manage our emotion. How do you do that. Any motivation please?@Hendrasico

Tony:Any time u lose just go away from your RIG, do your hobby or do something in your real life time, remember no trade is a part of trading :)

2.What are the 3 charts/indicators you look at first before starting trading?@Roberto753


3.Hi cubitMAX,what do you think about statement trading=losing money?@RayArwana

Tony:I think that everything that you do and work on using your money means that you must be prepared to risk losing your money. Remember this = High risk, high return!
So first understand the risks you will accept before starting anything.

4.Why Name #CUBITMAX?

Tony: Our big team consist of some background worker, there’s A painter artist, an Architect and also a Business consultant in Indonesia,
we all start from best friend which running trade in 3–4 years ago, we running each channel individually for the first time, one is called CUKONG BITCOIN, one is called MAXIMUM TRADING, and simply merge with CUBITMAX.

5.Any plans for added Option trade?@sinqkong

Tony:Never use more than 10% of your equity in trading on margin futures. because you have to prepare the next plan if you fail.

6.What is the big problems/difficulties on your pass years ob trading?@AymBack

Our first trade 3–4 years ago? just don’t ask, we all lose our first car in life :D, that makes us learn from mistakes till now.

— — — — — — — — — — — —

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