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Bitget Benefit Center — Now Open!

Dear Bitget Global Users:

The Bitget Benefit Center is now live! You can earn multiple unlimited rewards for free by participating in activities such as daily sign-in, lucky draw, registration, deposit, opening a position, and inviting friends. The specific rewards are explained below:

1. How to Win Rewards

In the Bitget Benefit Center, there are 3 ways to win rewards: sign-in lucky draw, new user tasks and daily tasks. You can enter through the “Personal Center — Account Information — Benefit Center” of web version or “My — Benefit Center” of the App Version.

To be eligible for rewards, KYC is required.

2. Daily Sign-In and Lucky Draw

Daily sign-in and lucky draw for all Bitget users with completed KYC.

(1) Daily Sign-In:

During the activity, user can receive BFT rewards after signing into Bitget everyday.

(2) Consecutive Sign-in

During the activity, user can receive an extra 30 BFT for 15 consecutive days of logins (Limit once per person).

(3) Lucky Draw

During the activity, users who sign-in for 21 cumulative days have a chance to win a lucky draw, with a maximum reward of 100 USDT.

3. New User Benefit

New user benefits are only available to newly registered KYC users in Bitget after the Benefit Center goes online.

(1) Registration Rewards

During the activity, user who register, complete the KYC and join the Official Telegram can receive 30 BFT.

(2) Transferring Rewards

During the activity, if a user completes a single transaction of greater than 200 USDT to any USDT contract account, the user can receive 50 BFT.

(3) Opening a Position Rewards

During the activity, if the user open a single position of any USDT contract greater than 800 USDT, the user can receive 90 BFT.

4. Daily Benefit

Daily benefit for all the Bitget users who complete the KYC.

(1) Invitation Rewards

During the activity, if the user invites friends to register and complete the KYC, and trading volume for all USDT contracts is greater than 1000 USDT, both parties can receive 20 BFT. No limit on invitation rewards.

(2) Active Rewards

Active rewards are separated into 7-days active rewards, 15-days active rewards, 30-days active rewards and 60-days active rewards.

During the activity, if the cumulative active days reaches 7 days, the user can receive 30 BFT, 15 days can receive 60 BFT, 30 days can receive 120 BFT, and 60 days can receive 300 BFT.

“Active” is defined as trading with volume greater than 30 USDT.

5. Rewards Distribution

(1) In the lucky draw, USDT trial funds rewards will be issued within 1 working day, and other rewards will be issued in real time.

(2) Registration rewards need to be reviewed by Bitget. After the review is approved, the corresponding rewards can be collected on the page, and rewards sent in real time.

(3) All other rewards are issued to your spot account in real time after they are earned.

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