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Bitget Best Sharer Phase 6

Dear Bitget users:

Bitget is about to launch Best Sharer Phase 6

1. Time: Jan. 13, 2021 (UTC+8)

2. About Best Sharer:

(1) Join Bitget Official English Telegram

(2) Share the profit rate picture of your current position and @ official personnel

(3) Fill in Google forms for registration. If you do not fill in, you may not be able to receive the reward

3. Rewards:

(1) The user with the highest profit rate during the event will receive 50 USDT trading trial fund

(2) The user with the second/third highest profit rate during the event will receive 20 USDT trading trial fund

4. The reward will be issued to your BTC/USDT contract account within 3 days when the event ends

☎️【Contact Us】

Customer Services

Market Cooperation

Quantitative Market Maker Cooperation

💎【Official Channel】

Official Website

Telegram Group





📊【Platforms Bitget Listed On】







Top Crypto Derivatives Exchange & World’s Largest Crypto Copy Trading Platform

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Bitget was established in 2018 and is located in Singapore, it’s a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and ranks top 5 worldwide.

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