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Bitget Contract: USDT Unified Account & Quanto Swap Contract to be Launched

Dear Bitget users:

After holding Bitget New Feature Global Beta Version to be Launched, Vote to Win 100,000USDT, Bitget is going to launch USDT Unified Account and Quanto Swap Contract at the end of March 2021. Then, Bitget will sincerely invite users to trade on the global public beta version. At the same time, the feature will be divided into four: USDT margined contract / Coin margined contract / USDT Unified Account / Quanto Swap Contract, so stay tuned!

1. New Feature

The highlights of this update are USDT Unified Account and Quanto Swap Contract.

2. Feature highlights

1. The USDT Unified Account has realized the function of opening USDT accounts. You can choose USDT as margin to trade multiple trading pairs at the same time, and multiple contracts share the same account equity, and the profit and loss, occupation and risk in the account are shared.
2. Quanto Swap Contract supports multiple currency as margin for multiple contract trading pairs, changing the traditional trading method that coin margined contract only apply to corresponding coins, allowing users to have more trading options, effectively increasing the funds utilization, and enjoy both trading interests and gains for price rise.

Users can choose the currency supported by Bitget as the contract margin, and the margin currency is used for profit and loss settlement.

For example: using ETH as margin, you can trade BTCUSD, ETHUSD, XRPUSD, and profit and loss will be settled in ETH. The Perpetual Quanto Swap Contract avoids the cumbersome exchange process and saves the exchange cost, and at the same time enjoy the gains for price rise.

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