Bitget Copy-trading 101 (for copiers).

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4 min readSep 14, 2021


This brief guide is aimed at helping you navigate your way and join Bitget Copy-trading and start copying Elite traders.

I. Choose Your Trader(s)

1. Trader’s Profile

(a)Days of registration: counts days from the registration date to the current date.

(b)P/L Ratio 3W: P/L in the last 3 weeks / initial investment of the largest opening in the last 3 weeks.

(c)Win Rate 3W: number of profitable orders in the last 3 weeks/ total number of orders in the last 3 weeks.

(d)Cumulative Return in the last 3 weeks (USDT): Total return of the closed positions in the last 3 weeks.

(e)Accumulated P/L Ratio: History PNL/ initial investment of the largest opening in history.

(f)Accumulated Transactions: number of closed orders in history.

(g)Total Followers: number of copiers following the trader in history. Re-copy after canceling will be counted as one person.

(h)Current copiers: the number of current copiers following the trader.

2. How to Check

(a) Enter Home page, click “CopyTrade” at the bottom.

(b) The system will show a comprehensive trader list. Users can filter by clicking the upper right filter icon.

( c ) Enter the key info screen and choose the trader you want to follow.

(d) Enter the home page of the chosen trader, and check historical data.

II. How to Copy

To copy a trade, you need to go through five steps: choose your trader(s) — set up your copy trading account — check copy trade data — copy trade at one-click — close the position.

1. Choose your trader(s) (a) Check transaction data of the traders on the copy trade page. (b) You can choose to copy multiple traders at the same time.

2. Set up your copy trading account

Click “copy trade” to enter the settings page, select from different types of futures, modes, leverage, cont, ratios, and risk management, then click “confirm”. Read through Copy Trade Agreement and click “Copy Now”. If the traders have already opened positions when you choose to copy trade, the copy will become effective when they open a new position. The specific process is as follows:

(a)Choose a trader, click “Copy”.

(b)Copy the futures and choose your desired trading pairs. Click the “Transfer” button on the left, transfer your funds. Here, we use BTC/USDT and ETH/USDT as examples.

( c ) Leverage type: The leverage rate of the chosen futures can be set uniformly or separately. And users can choose from three types of leverage rate: futures setting, customized, and follow the traders.

(d) Copy trade method. Choose the leverage type, then choose fixed ratio or fixed cont. The default setting is fixed cont. Fixed ratio: 0.1~5; Fixed cont: it refers to the fixed cont that will be placed automatically by copiers when they follow traders. For a single copied futures contract, the maximum cont is 3000.

(e) Risk management: Take profit/Stop loss settings and Max cont in position (5000)




Bitget was established in 2018 and is located in Singapore, it’s a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and ranks top 5 worldwide.