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Bitget Launches Ambassador Program

Bitget is a fast-growing digital asset marketplace, featuring exchange and contract trading services to users around the world.

Bitget has obtained licenses from U.S. FinCEN, Canada FINTRAC and Australia AUSTRAC, as well as MAS Exemption of Provision of Cryptocurrency Payment Services in Singapore, to offer services in these regions, and are actively pursuing other licenses around the world.

We are looking for Ambassadors: individuals who can help us build local communities and realize our goal of making Bitget the fastest growing digital asset platform of 2020.

Come join us!

What do you need to do as a Bitget Ambassador?

  • Creating, maintaining and growing your Bitget community
  • Answering questions, collecting feedback and handling issues (with assistance from Bitget Support Team)
  • Organizing community competitions and user activities (with support from Bitget Team)
  • Have the ambition to grow your local community to become the top crypto-related group in your country

What do you need to be a Bitget Ambassador?

  • A community with a strong following on the platform of your choice.
  • Suitable platforms including but not limited to: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Publish0x, Trading View, Personal Blog
  • Knowledge and understanding of crypto contract trading.

What will you receive?

  • High trading commission from your community on a weekly basis
  • A chance to receive a withdrawable trading bonus in USDT and/or a special gift upon reviewing of monthly performance
  • Support from the Bitget team
  • Gain meaningful relationships with worldwide crypto-traders

Apply to become a Bitget Ambassador today!

🔷 Bitget on Twitter

🔷 Bitget on Reddit

🔷 Bitget on Facebook

🔷 Bitget on Telegram

🔷 Bitget on YouTube



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