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Bitget Simulated Trading Competition — No Risk, All Rewards

To help traders get more familiar with the Bitget platform, and to reward great traders, we are launching a Simulated Trading Competition!

The top traders by profitability will be rewarded with Bitget Trading Credit, which they can use to turn into real profits! Read below for more details:

Competition Time:

April 20th — 24th 2020


To register for the competition, enter your Bitget UID in the following Google Form:

Trading Pairs:

SBTC/USD or BTC/SUSDT (S means in Simulation mode)

Eligibility Rules:

1. Follow @BitgetGlobal on Twitter

2. Register on Bitget and submit your User ID here:

3. Share a screenshot of your daily profitability on Twitter and tag @BitgetGlobal


· For SBTC/USD, users will be given 0.5 SBTC

· For BTC/SUSDT, users will be given 5000 SUSDT

· User is allowed to trade on both SBTC/USD and BTC/SUSDT, and submit the highest profitability result.

· The rankings will be according to user profitability:

A) Profitability = (net closing account value) / (net opening account value)

B) Net Opening Account Value = Value at the opening of the trading period

C) Net Closing Account Value = Value at the end of the trading period

*KYC is required to claim the rewards.


#1 Trader 100 USDT trading bonus

#2 Trader 80 USDT trading bonus

#3 Trader 60 USDT trading bonus

#4 Trader 40 USDT trading bonus

#5 Trader 20 USDT trading bonus

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Bitget was established in 2018 and is located in Singapore, it’s a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and ranks top 5 worldwide.