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Bitget Star Trader Phase 3

Dear Bitget users:

Bitget will screen out the top overseas traders with the best trading record each week to be announced on the official website, App, community, and media, and provide exposure to a targeted group for outstanding traders to acquire as many fans as possible, in addition, acquire recognition of more followers in Bitget.

As long as you are professional, tactical, and strategic, you will have the opportunity to be listed as a star trader on Bitget!

Star trader of Phase 3: linnen_horse_flash82

Bitget star trader <linnen_horse_flash82>
-As of 2021.02.22, ranked 2nd in South Korea on bitget
-As of 2021.02.22, ranked 29th in the world on bitget
-(Previous) Operation of stock chart education and reading room
-(Now) Operating the crypto chart education and copy trade community
-7 years of investment experience (since 2014)
-Analyze the chip distribution chart and FA, etc., and use odd-lot and swing strategies

Transaction data:

Total P/L 3W (USDT) : 5969.39
P/L Ratio 3W: 1689.99%
Win Rate 3W: 76.75%
Accum P/L Ratio: 1846.00%
Accum Transactions: 2066
Followers: 77

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Bitget was established in 2018 and is located in Singapore, it’s a global leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange and ranks top 5 worldwide.

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