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Bitget — The World’s Leading Digital Asset Trading Platform

Bitget was founded in 2018 and headquarters established at the Asian financial center of Singapore. Bitget is a world-renowned digital asset financial service platform, providing 24-hour professional digital asset trading services to the world. The team consists of a world-class financial team and aims to create the most professional and secure new exchange in the world.

Bitget officially launched the USDT contract in July 2019. It is the first platform in the world that has both USDT contracts and inverse contracts, and the most complete platform for USDT contract currencies. Among them, the highest trading volume of BTC/USDT contract reached 11.69 billion USD in 24 hours. Even under extreme market conditions, Bitget handled it without downtime.

After nearly two years of development, Bitget users exceeded 785,000, entering the Top 10 of global exchange rankings, and solidifying the position of a top-four contract exchange platform. Bitget not only attracted the favor of countless professional traders, but became a new benchmark for the digital currency industry, which is the first stop of contract trading.

Bitget Official Website

Mainland China:

Other Countries:

Bitget Official App

At present, the Bitget App is available on both iOS and Android.

Bitget Products

Bitget currently provides users with three types of quality services: perpetual contract, spot trading and OTC trading.

1. The perpetual contract is the main product of Bitget, and represents the main focus of Bitget.

2. Spot trading provides trading of 11 mainstream currencies. Low-quality currencies are rejected.

3. OTC has gathered a group of high-quality merchants to provide users with 24 hours of uninterrupted online services, and the market spread is controlled at 0.1% — 0.2%.

Bitget Contract Trading Interface

Bitget Platform Vision

1. Professional Team and Product

1) The team has strong financial experience. The members come from global mainstream digital currency exchanges and quantitative institutions. Some members are from the traditional financial industry, including multiple dimensions such as funds, stocks, and banks. Professional team members are able to provide the most professional services to Bitget users worldwide.

2) The independent research and development of the exchange systems, among which the main contract trading product has always adopted close development, is significantly different in technology from the market-selected purchase system and the third-party cooperation system exchange. With strong technical strength, Bitget has an absolute advantage in product replacement and performance stability. Since the launch of the Bitget product, it has operated smoothly in the face of multiple extreme market conditions. (Note: Since July 2019, there have been 18 extreme market fluctuations, and Bitget has handled user trading flawlessly.)

3) A powerful risk control system, using bank-level SS data encryption guarantee, real-time monitoring of balance detection system, built-in DPI active defense system, and self-developed wallet warning system. S ++-level protection of user transactions and assets and have stood up against hackers. Bitget has also invested a lot in setting up a security department since August 2019, ensuring exchange security and user security as an important feature.

2. Licensing and Regulation

Bitget has been in compliance with policies and continued efforts to regulate operations

1) On March 3, 2020, Bitget received a license from US regulation institution FinCEN

2) On February 26, 2020, Bitget obtained a license exemption issued by the Singapore MAS, and will continue to follow up the grant of this license (Alibaba and Binance have obtained this exemption previously).

In the future, Bitget will also meet the regulations of various countries in the world, and continue to improve the standardization of exchanges.

3. Integrity

Bitget has always adhered to the principle of integrity and strength practiced in the blockchain industry. Faced with the cheating and deceptive behavior in the blockchain industry, Bitget has always been strict with itself to give customers a sincere service. At present, Bitget is also in the process of negotiating third-party cooperation agencies to comprehensively manage user assets to ensure user asset security.

4. Innovation

1) Bitget has always been at the forefront of the industry in product innovation and has launched a number of innovative products such as USDT contracts and platform currency management, which is a model for the industry to follow.

2) Reached a strategic cooperation agreement with the current hottest strategy platform ICT to provide users with the most accurate KOL strategy.

5. Win-Win

Bitget has established hundreds of partners in the industry and has always adhered to the principle of win-win progress in cooperation. Establishing a key customer service mechanism internally to solve customer problems and needs as soon as possible. The good development of customers is the cornerstone of the good development of Bitget Exchange.

Bitget Industry Status

1. Bitget is currently known as the top four in the contract industry, running parallel to the three giants of OK, Bitmex, and Huobi in the industry.

2. Bitget has always been in the top ten in the list of world-renowned exchanges, such as FeiXiaoHao, Bishijie, aicoin and other major platforms.

3. Bitget has consistently ranked in the top 3,000 of global websites in alexa global rankings.

Bitget Contract Features

1. Bitget is the earliest exchange in the industry to simultaneously launch dual contract currencies of USDT Contract and Inverse Contract (traditional contract exchanges such as BitMEX only have an inverse contract, and OK will launch at the end of 2019, which is much later than Bitget).

2. Bitget currently has the most complete USDT Contract and Inverse Contract currencies (7 USDT Contract currencies, 6 Inverse Contract currencies), which is the most complete contract currency exchange in the industry.

3. BTC/USDT Contract of Bitget currently ranks first in the depth of the entire network, the spread is not more than 0.5 US dollars, the daily trading volume is 11.69 billion yuan, popular with the major traders.

4. Fully transparent operation, monthly operation report and timely disclosure of platform data indexes.

The First Stop in Contract Trading

The slogan of Bitget is the first stop in contract trading.

As the name implies, Bitget aims to build the first contract platform in the industry, with simple operation, smooth products, and providing a full range of easy to use services.

The big data of the contract provides the contract data reference for the users every day.

Contract-based basic comics to help users learn from zero.

Contract lessons to provide one minute short video for learning.

Contract Research Institute to provide a face-to-face opportunity to learn contract trading from KOLs.

Exchanges Global Localization Development

1. Bitget established a Japanese team in Tokyo in February 2020 and successfully launched the Japanese version to start customer service in Japan.

2. Bitget established a Korean team in Seoul in February 2020, and successfully launched the Korean version to start customer service in South Korea

3. India, Philippines, Malaysia, and other countries are also under preparation.

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