1.3 Wallet Update: The Biggest Yet!

Oct 29, 2018 · 5 min read

Our developers have been busy at work improving The Green Protocol and BITG Wallet. We are excited to announce our largest development update yet. We have added several new wallet features which will improve the stability, security and overall experience of the Bitcoin Green wallet. All wallets and masternodes will need to be updated to the new 1.3 wallet.

You must update your wallets by November 18th! On this date, old wallets will become unable to send or stake new coins.

Update your Desktop and Linux wallets to 1.3 now using this easy to follow guide: https://medium.com/bitcoin-green/how-to-update-wallet-bitcoin-green-wallet-update-guide-ab962469dcc

Note: we released 1.3 on September 27–make sure both your GUI desktop wallet and your masternode wallets are updated. See guide linked above.

Chain Stability & Staking

This release includes a major protocol upgrade to our consensus mechanism. This will make the behavior of the staking software much more stable, and makes us less likely to experience chain splits. This also solves all issues with staking, as some users reported that staking was not working correctly. We have been running the 1.3 wallet for several weeks, and can confirm that the issues with staking and consensus has been resolved. There is also an update that improves the way masternodes communicate in our network.

Wallet Application Improvements

We have included several updates to the wallet application. The image assets have been optimized to reduce file size, we’ve improved the way the wallet unlocks, and there are several more individual updates which you can view in the developer’s release notes below. There are 10+ miscellaneous wallet improvements included in this release.

Security & Stopping Scammers

Recently, we’ve taken many anti-scam measures in order to reduce the possibility of our community members having coins stolen by scammers. This typically occurs when a scammers impersonates a team member in Discord chat to offer wallet support. We have added warning messages to the wallet application that will help reduce scamming. Please be on the look out for scammers, and report any suspicious activity to someone on the Green Team.

Posted below are are the developer’s release notes from the 1.3 wallet. These are the official notes from our developers Konez2k and Noah (#ZBLUE53 on Discord) that describe all changes in this update:

Release Notes:

- Switched from OpenSSL to SECP256K1 for consensus.
This will make the staking behaviour of the software a lot more stable. This also solves the issue of the wallet that stops staking after a while, which a couple of users reported.

- Reduced logging to specific categories.
Stake modifier is now saved to log only when the printstakemodifier parameter is used.

- Updated masternode activation and broadcast.
Masternode activation and broadcast to other nodes has been improved, new checks have been added also to masternode alive checks.

- Updated RPC masternode.
Wallet locking is handled better on masternode aliases and listmasternodes now displays the correct example code.

- Fixed masternode/budget system for testnet.
The budget system is now also working on the testnet. This has helped us test a couple of scenarios, and will help us add new features in the future.

- Optimized image assets.
All images assets have been passed to a script to reduce their size and weird notifications logged on debug.log due to a Qt problem with PNG data.

- Updated copyrights.
Copyrights headers have been reviewed, added missing ones and updated to current year.

- Added QoS for IPv6.
QoS tc.sh shell script now supports IPv6 networking mangling.

- Refactored BIP38 layout.
Updated labels to improve the usability of the BIP38 feature and added a paste button from clipboard.

- Improved wallet unlocking.
Wallet unlocking now works based on context where it is used, the option to "stake only" is available and automatically checked only when unlocked from the menu.

- Added label saving to multisend.
Multisend now supports address labels when saving to the addressbook database.

- Fixed dynamic screen elements issues.
Layout updates to issue bad UX behaviors.

- Improved send coins fee and SwiftTX system.
SwiftTX now have more highlight and the fee system has been optimized to reflect the current network transactions load.
- Removed macOS growl support.
Since Growl has been deprecated on older macOS versions and we currently support 10.10+, growl support has been removed in favor of the newest Apple notification system.

- Removed potential memory leak and updated multisend code.
Multisend stop iterating if we have sent out all the MultiSend(s).

- Removed fallback for Qt versions lower than 5.
Removing Qt4 fallbacks to simplify maintenance and adding new GUI functionality.

- Overview page overhaul.
GUI elements have been optimized and we've added a new option (available under settings) to hide zero balances.

- Implemented Locked funds on overview.
Masternode collaterals or locked inputs are now shown as "Locked" on the overview page, this improves the balances overview UX.

- Removed unused sporks.
Inactive or pointless sporks have been removed to simplify code maintenance.

- Refactor ConnectBlock to prevent chain corruptions.
Removed a method that could cause the wallet to corrupt on force close or under other special conditions, removed the auto-repair db on init and refactored the staking checks to improve wallet stability.
- Fixed various tests We are now using the Travis CI module for the Github repository. This module automatically runs tests on the software every time a developer changes something. This boosts efficiency and makes the software more stable. - Show warnings for 'dangerous' debug commands in Gui. To counter the problem of scammers, a couple of 'dangerous' commands in the debug console will now first display a red warning to user. - Improved RPC output readability Error messages for commands sent through bitcoingreen-cli are now a lot more readable. This is especially useful for masternode configuration. - Fixed wtxOrdered on new transactions. This addresses an issue where new incoming transactions aren't recorded, and subsequently, not returned with listtransactions in the same session.

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