2020 BitGreen Roadmap

Jan 9, 2020 · 4 min read

As we look to the year ahead, it is with great pleasure that the BitGreen team shares the following roadmap for 2020.


A comprehensive report will be released that details aspects of the BitGreen Foundation’s activities surrounding past and future BITG coin spend, accounting and decision-making practices. This will also include identification of foundation addresses, to ensure these aspects are completely transparent to the community on an ongoing and real-time basis.

We have been teasing a new, completely revamped wallet design, built for a greater user experience throughout the current and future integration points of the BitGreen ecosystem. A second iteration of the user interface will be released in late Q2/early Q3, introducing additional features relating to the upcoming core BitGreen initiatives.

A mobile wallet will be released for both Android and iOS in mid-late March that initially will serve as a light wallet, fully functional for transactions and coin storage. Early in Q3 the full potential of the mobile app will be realized — serving as a hub for user involvement with the BITG ecosystem, specifically around greener activities, rewards and marketplace.

A BitGreen partnership with PolisPay means that users can expect a fully functional debit card that facilitates spending of their BITG coins for real-world product and services. Users can also buy gift cards with their coins — such as for Amazon.com — and a direct integration is being developed to enable the same features within the BitGreen desktop wallet; a first for Polis too!

BitGreen has come to an agreement with PolisPay and will be listed in February. Donations towards development of this integration are being accepted in the form of both BITG and POLIS at the following Addresses:
BITG: GRo9JvqnqvfQ3Jy4dZHpwMPec63sDXN1dv

In the past month the BITG foundation, with the assistance of one of the world’s largest nature conversation non-profit organizations, began putting into motion its most ambitious campaign yet, highlighting sustainability. The project will be formally teased late February with plans to run a co-branded public press release late in March.


Surrounding the above campaign.

The full life cycle of this initiative will take place from February through to July 2020. Stay tuned Green Warriors!

This involves governance proposals and voting for the first two incentive campaigns, Lyft and Shopify.

Incentive campaigns are rewarded from Governance via a specific allocation of the SuperBlock (no impact to current rewards and in general terms is the reason why 8.5/1.5 block rewards, masternodes/staking respectively, are 7.65/1.35 in version two of the BitGreen blockchain)

Community-determined proposals and voting will therefore surround:

  • Specific action the campaign awards
  • Total monthly governance budget allocated to campaigns
  • Per-action rewards for campaigns
  • Binary conditions for user actions (e.g. daily limits, special considerations)

This update will enable merchants to accept BITG through an integration with their online Shopify stores. Customers can spend their BITG and also benefit from rewards distributed from their purchases. Merchants who are using eco-friendly material will be amongst the first to participate.

The BitGreen Foundation intends to pay for a minimum of two additional exchanges before the end of Q2. We will be adding a channel to our Discord dedicated to discussion around cost-benefit trade-offs of existing potential exchanges. The entire community is welcome to weigh in on these discussions!


Our goal in phase one is to achieve 500 merchants globally who are signed up and have integrated BITG as a payment method in their online Shopify store. Benefits to customers remain, with distribute rewards to those purchasers. The BitGreen team is motivated for a goal of 5000 merchant sign-ups by 2021 year-end.

We envision our second iteration of the mobile app to be a hub and where community members can utilise its features to stay up to date and interact with the various aspects of the BITG ecosystem, including but not limited to:

  • Discovering, taking part in and claiming rewards for participation in chain-governed sustainability and green incentive campaigns (as discussed in )
  • Tracking your ecosystem and campaign participation metrics, allowing users to share and challenge friends, family and co-workers to take part in sustainable actions; even if they’re not already involved with BitGreen.
  • Marketplace features — essentially an accessible, consolidated view of BITG-enabled merchants and stores utilising the Shopify platform.

Final Thoughts

Both the BitGreen Foundation and Core Team are committed to more active and clear communication with its community leading up to the launch of this new era for BITG — please be patient as we set up new communication channels and personnel throughout Q1.

As it has been since day one, BitGreen is a decentralized project and everything is subject to change at the communities majority discretion. The community is the essence of this project — thank you for your support and we look forward to another incredible year.

Join the discussion on Discord and Telegram.

Find us at bitg.org


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