Bitcoin Green Featured On CryptoPulse, UK’s #1 Podcast

A new podcast interview about Bitcoin Green is live! Last week, one of our co-founders, Dylan Rhodes, as well as a large stakeholder, Jason Stone, from Battlestar Capital, were invited on the CryptoPulse Podcast to discuss Bitcoin Green, proof-of-stake and masternodes. CryptoPulse is the UK’s #1 Crypto Podcast, with thousands of weekly listeners. Dylan discusses Bitcoin Green, the problems with proof-of-work mining, and the many potential use-cases for BITG. Dylan and Jason share their personal experiences in cryptocurrency and his future goals for the growth of the Bitcoin Green.

The 40 minute conversation provides window into what’s going on with Bitcoin Green. Developments include the Roots Bounty Program, the mobile wallet, and future philanthropy platform. Dylan also discusses the implications of the BITGEX proof-of-stake exchange. Dylan breaks down BITG, explaining that the upcoming exchange will provide efficiency, security, and liquidity to holders of proof-of-stake coins. The exchange will be primarily denominated in BITG and allows for native staking of tokens within the exchange.

Finally, Dylan reveals the philanthropy and crowdfunding web-application. The upcoming application will allow community members to list and propose masternode governance-controlled listings within an online web portal. This platform will use a first of its kind masternode voting mechanism which will allow token holders and community members to fully control the process and decide which listings get exposure. The interview discusses Bitcoin Green’s goals of being a fully decentralized, community driven and sustainability-minded project.

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