Bitcoin Green Roadmap: Our Plans For A Sustainable Future

Jul 3, 2018 · 7 min read

We’ve invested a lot of time mapping out exactly what functionality to build out for Bitcoin Green. We decided to focus on the objectives that will have maximal impact on our network and community. Many of these developments can be completed within the next few months, while some of our more ambitious goals will realistically take 1–2 years from here out. In this post, we’ve provided a high-level overview of what lies ahead for Bitcoin Green. We have a lot more to share, and we’ll post frequent in-depth follow-ups about specific objectives, as well as sneak peeks of the technology we’re developing. We’ve listed our objectives in order of estimated time until completion, from least to greatest.

BITGEX Exchange Site Intitial Launch [Q3 2018]

  • We are very excited about the BITGEX Proof-of-Stake Exchange. As discussed, the BITGEX development team will launch an initial version of to be used for early exchange registration and referral links in Q3 2018. Users will get discounted fees and referral bonuses to encourage early signups on the platform. You can view Initial Launch article here.

Roots Network Bounty Program [Q3 2018]

  • We will officially begin our Roots Network Bounty Program in Q3 of 2018. This program is designed to efficiently facilitate community bounties with an easy submission and payout process. This is a great program designed for community members to earn BITG for their content. You can read the introduction article here.

Consensus Mechanism Update [Q3 2018]

  • We released an update to our consensus mechanism. This makes our proof-of-stake and masternode protocol more efficient. This will result in a more stable and efficient experience on the BITG network. With this release, we also added several updates and security features to the Bitcoin Green wallet. You can read more about this update here.

Generalized Governance Mechanism [Q3 2018]

  • Our developers will finalize a protocol upgrade to our decentralized governance mechanism. Currently, our governance system can be utilized to vote on budget proposals. We’ll extend this functionality to generalized (non-funded) proposals that will be critical for gauging the BITG community’s desires moving forward. Our generalized governance mechanism will be used for masternode holders to vote on important decisions which do not necessarily require BITG block reward funding. This means that critical decisions about the future development of Bitcoin Green can be made on-chain, in a decentralized and transparent fashion.

Updated Content & User Guides [Q3 2018]

  • Major changes to our core content and user experience. We’ve introduced updated masternode guides, setup materials, and overall cleaned up our online presentation. This is in preparation for our website and content overhaul coming in the neat future.

Website, Team Page, and Whitepaper Overhaul [Q4 2018]

  • We’ll be doing a complete update of our website, from to We’ll be overhauling the design of our site to improve user experience and make it easier to navigate. Much of the content on the site, such as explanations of the project and the problems of proof-of-work we are trying to solve, will also be updated. Since we wrote our original whitepaper in December, the scope of the project has expanded, and we’ll be updating the whitepaper to reflect that. We want to update the community on a number of talented individuals who have recently joined our team by updating the team page on our site. We’ll be releasing interviews and profiles of some of our contributors, to allow the community to get to know the people behind the project.

Mobile Wallet [Q4 2018]

  • Android and iOS wallets are currently in development. Right now 75%+ of Bitcoin Green is currently online and staking. While this is a great show of network support, we want people to actually use and circulate BITG! To encourage this, we will implement lightweight mobile applications that people can use to make fast, cheap transactions directly from their phones. QR code functionality in the apps will make in-person usage of BITG dramatically more streamlined.

Paper Wallets [Q4 2018]

  • Right now, the primary option to store BITG is on a desktop staking wallet. We currently have Linux, Mac, and Windows desktop wallets. For individuals who may not have access to computers or who may want secure offline BITG storage, we aim to implement a web wallet application users can use to generate public/private key pairs (paper wallets), as well as password-protected Keystore/JSON files, that can store and send BITG.

BITGEX Exchange [Q1 2019]

  • As mentioned in our original roadmap, we will launch a cryptocurrency exchange with trading pairs denominated in Bitcoin Green and a focus on providing liquidity to currencies that employ energy-efficient, sustainable forms of network consensus. Expect to see trading pairs like DASH/BITG and PIVX/BITG. We are fast-approaching the launch of the exchange, and envision it to be a critical part of the Bitcoin Green ecosystem. As all trading pairs include Bitcoin Green, we anticipate the exchange will add significant liquidity to our cryptocurrency, making it easier and cheaper to exchange Bitcoin Green. There are a number of exciting features we cannot share until the upcoming launch, so stay tuned for more announcements.

Crowdfunding Platform [Q1 2019]

  • Our decentralized crowdfunding platform is designed to support donations and fundraising for sustainability related projects. The initial version of this platform will consist of an easy-to-use web application for decentralized crowdfunding listings. We’re researching the possibility of implementing a crowdfunding mechanism within our governance protocol. This will allow individuals to raise BITG for sustainability projects that align with our mission to promote sustainable network consensus, educate the public on blockchain technology, and combat environmentally-detrimental proof-of-work. This could also be leveraged by the open source developer community to fund tech developments.

Additional Exchange Listings [Q1 2019]

  • We are working on getting at least one additional exchange listing for Bitcoin Green by the end of the quarter. Access to liquid markets is essential for the success of any cryptocurrency. Liquid exchanges allow for wider distribution of the coin, which lead to greater network effects essential for the success of a cryptocurrency. Wider distribution is even more important for proof-of-stake networks such as Bitcoin Green, since it means a larger group of people who are staking, processing transactions, and securing the network.

Bitcoin Green Foundation [Q2 2019]

  • We are in the process of creating a Zug, Switzerland based legal entity that will act as the supporting organization for all Bitcoin Green initiatives. This includes: A) our non-profit activities related to public education, research and promotion of sustainable network consensus 2) our development efforts to build out the various Bitcoin Green technologies 3) our community development efforts, including hosting and sponsoring proof-of-stake and Bitcoin Green conferences, meet-ups, and events and 4) our partnership efforts to join forces with other projects and organizations, within and outside the cryptoverse, whose missions align with ours.

Ledger Compatibility [Q2 2019]

  • Paper wallets, which publicly expose private keys, are not always the right option for storing cryptocurrency in an offline fashion. This is especially true if you need to frequently access your assets. Ledger is a provider of quality hardware wallets that currently has PIVX support. As a fork of PIVX, we won’t have to develop our ledger compatibility from scratch. We currently have our developers working on the integration.

Web Staking [Q3 2019]

  • We’ll be building out a client-side web application that can be used to stake Bitcoin Green within your browser while you are connected to the internet. By not requiring users to download the entire blockchain or the desktop wallet application, this will enable a light-weight staking solution. This will also help democratize the staking process for users who may not have a dedicated computer to use for processing transactions in the network.

Payment Integration [Q3 2019]

  • Going Green should be simple for merchants who want to lower their carbon footprint and accept BITG. Easy-to-use shopping cart plugins, donation buttons and Point of Sale (POS) tools will enable the next-generation of eco-friendly businesses. A single Bitcoin transaction has the same carbon footprint as driving a sedan for ~1150 miles. We want to show consumers that their choice of currency actually has a material impact on the environment, and to offer them a sustainable, cheap, and fast alternative.

Mobile Staking [Q4 2019]

  • After the mobile app is released, we plan on adding the ability to stake on your smartphone. As proof-of-stake consumes very little energy, it is feasible for a mobile phone to actively stake and process transactions, unlike with proof-of-work mining, which can damage a phone’s hardware. As part of our mission is to democratize the staking process, mobile staking will allow individuals without access to a computer or cloud server to help secure the network and receive block rewards that would otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Enhanced Proof-of-Stake Consensus [Q4 2019]

  • The developers behind Ethereum, the primary smart contract platform, are hard at work breaking new ground with their proof-of-stake research for the Casper launch. Our goal is to improve our version of proof-of-stake with innovations such as slashing and checkpoints that will ultimately be included in Ethereum.

Sustainable Decentralized Applications (SDAPPs) [2020]

  • A key part of the long term vision for Bitcoin Green is to ultimately enable environmentally-conscious decentralized applications to utilize the Bitcoin Green cryptocurrency. This will involve either adding smart contract functionality directly to our network or creating a decentralized relay system that will allow dApps on other platforms to use a tokenized, stake-able version of Bitcoin Green. For directly adding smart contract functionality, we are investigating porting RootStock (RSK) to the Bitcoin Green blockchain. Alternatively, if a platform such as Cosmos is successfully launched, that would allow various dApps on various smart contract platforms to convert a tokenized version of BITG into the real coin in a secure and decentralized fashion. We view this as the ultimate use-case for BITG.

We hope you are as excited as we are for the future of Bitcoin Green! This is just the beginning of our content release schedule. Our network is only 5 months old. With the help of all our loyal BITG supporters, we’ve made great strides in such a short period of time. We have full confidence in the team and community that continues to grow around Bitcoin Green.

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