BITG Web Wallet Release!

Check out–the first Bitcoin Green application built using our new Javascript library. The web wallet (sometimes referred to as a paper wallet) is a secure and simple way to store Bitcoin Green offline. It also provides a very simple way to send BITG to new users without requiring them to download the full desktop wallet.

How to Use

  1. Navigate your browser to
The web wallet landing page

2. Select “Create a new wallet”

3. Enter a secure password and press “Save”. Make sure to backup your password by writing it down and storing it in a secure place. A keystore file will be downloaded to your computer. Make sure to save it and remember the password encrypting it. This file holds your private key.

4.1) To receive BITG, just copy the address and send BITG to it from either another wallet or an exchange. After the receiving transaction has been processed, when you unlock your wallet again, the Available Balance will be updated.

4.2) To send BITG, click “Send”, enter the recipient address, the amount you wish to send

5. Press “Submit Transaction”. A link to the block explorer will appear, which you can use to track the transaction.

6. To unlock and use a pre-existing wallet, navigate back to the home page at and press “Unlock existing wallet”

7. Click “Keystore file” and select the keystore file you would like to unlock. Then enter the corresponding password and press unlock.

One use case of the web wallet is to create a bunch of wallets, load them with BITG, and distribute them to friends as a quick and convenient way for them to start using Bitcoin Green.

Another use case is for individuals looking for offline BITG storage solutions. They can send BITG to a newly created wallet and store it on an encrypted USB drive.

This is the first application built using bitcoingreenjs-lib, and will pave the way for more sophisticated applications such as our upcoming mobile wallet and crowd-funding platform.

If you’re a developer with an idea for a BITG application you’d like to build, please reach out to us and we can offer you a bounty!

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