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We’d like to share a sneak peak of BITGEX–a Bitcoin Green powered exchange that will allow users to stake their deposits while trading.

What is BITGEX?

BITGEX will be the first proof-of-stake focused cryptocurrency exchange allowing users to stake their deposits. This means you can trade, place orders, and store your coins on the exchange without having to miss out on your staking rewards.

Setting up your own masternodes and staking is a technical, tedious, and error-prone process. On BITGEX, we automate the hard parts for you. The only decision the user makes is picking which coins to stake!

The goal of BITGEX is to make proof-of-stake mainstream. We are aiming to democratize the staking process by removing technical barriers to entry and simplifying the user experience. This is why we have chosen to power our exchange with Bitcoin Green–an energy-efficient, proof-of-stake alternative to Bitcoin. All trading pairs will include Bitcoin Green (BITG). We work closely with the Bitcoin Green team to ensure our mission of sustainability aligns with theirs.

Initial Site Launch

Prior to the live trading & staking launch, we will launch the site with account sign up, referral program, and community coin vote functionality. You can expect the site launch within the next week.

Account Signup

Account registration will initially only require a valid username and email address.

Referral Program

Once you register, you can go to your user dashboard and share your referral link with others. You will receive 20% of the lifetime staking + trading fees from anyone that signs up with your link. If anyone you refer signs up others with their link, you will also receive 10% of those trading+staking fees. In your user dashboard, you can keep track of how many people you have referred (Tier 1), and how many people your referrals have referred (Tier 2):

If you sign up 5 people who trade and stake on average as much as you do, then the platform is free for life!

Community Coin Vote

Community demand will heavily influence listing decisions. There will be a form for users to enter in their favorite proof-of-stake coins. The most-submitted coins will be put to a vote.

Early Signup Bonus

To incentivize people to sign up prior to our live trading and staking launch, you will also receive 25% reduced fees for the first 6 months!

Stay tuned for the announcement of our initial site launch. You can check the Bitcoin Green Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit for updates!

If you have any questions, please reach out to!