Introducing the Roots Network

Sep 17, 2018 · 3 min read

BitGreen has always been about maximum democratization, from its initial distribution onward. Team members sourced from the community have played a vital role in the project’s success to date. BITG holders have kept our social channels lively and helpful to newcomers. It’s essential that we now expand our community and bring new faces into the fold. Widespread adoption is the only way BitGreen can seriously shift the status quo in crypto today. That adoption should be achieved through democratic means as well.

What Is It?

The Roots Network is a bounty-driven, community-based awareness campaign. Our hope is to fill the network’s ranks with members of the community who are passionate about BitGreen’s mission and want to help drive adoption and outreach. Whether it be at a crypto conference, a message board, or on Twitter, there are numerous opportunities to raise awareness for blockchain sustainability and BitGreen.

Bounties for various objectives will be posted and anyone in the community will have an opportunity to get more involved in the project based on their contributions. The Roots Network is intended to be open ended and empower all community members to spread awareness however they see fit. Individuals will be able to submit their own bounty proposals and earn BITG for their efforts.

We are releasing an initial framework that will expand over time as we add new bounties and find ways to make the program either more convenient or effective.

How It Works

1. All bounty listings will be posted in the #roots-announcements channel in Discord

(This channel will be updated regularly with new opportunities!)

2. Completed Bounties will be submitted to the Bounty Submission Form

3. BITG Rewards will be distributed on a weekly basis (you’ll receive an Discord notification)

Benefits of Participating

Besides completing specific bounties in exchange for BITG, there will be many more benefits and opportunities for leaders that emerge from the Roots Network.

We will be keeping track of how many bounties everyone completes, and will be creating special Discord roles/titles for individuals based on the extent of their contributions.

The Roots Network is also intended to be a source of additional members for the BitGreen core team. Nearly all BitGreen team members are individuals who reached out from the community, made big contributions, and were brought into the fold. It is less a process of us picking people from the community, and more a process of individuals stepping up to the plate–especially since this project is operated on a volunteer basis.

Looking Forward

We will be expanding the scope of bounties offered to cover contributions including:

  • representing BitGreen at events
  • contributing to our Github as an open source developer
  • submitting articles to our Medium publication
  • helping distribute BITG merchandise
  • moderating our social media channels
  • creating graphic designs and info graphics
  • performing or compiling research on proof-of-work energy consumption and proof-of-stake developments

And much more!

Any Other Opportunities?

Want to contribute something that doesn’t yet have a bounty? Please click “Alternative Contribution” on the Bounty Submission Form with any ideas you may have and we will get back to you shortly!

Please join our Discord, Telegram and Reddit communities, and follow us on Twitter! Also read our whitepaper.

If you’d like to get in touch, please reach out on Discord or email us at!


We empower changemakers


We empower changemakers


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Raising awareness for the advantages of proof-of-stake and other sustainable forms of network consensus.


We empower changemakers