The Green Report — Introduction

We are pleased to announce the beginning of our monthly progress report series, called The Green Report. The Green Report series is designed to keep our community informed about what is going on internally with Bitcoin Green developments. This is the first Green Report, so it contains a summary of recent progress, operational goals, and objectives from the past few months, with relevant links where necessary.

  • Initial Site launched, referral program initiated
  • The Bitcoin Green proof-of-stake exchange: Stake while you trade
  • Sign up before live trading launch and get 25% reduced trading & staking fees for the first 6 months
  • The exchange is expected to launch before 2019

Roots Bounty Program

  • Roots Program was officially announced on Sept 16
  • Community members can complete suggested bounties, or submit their own custom bounties for consideration
  • First suggested bounties released in Discord #roots-announcements
  • Get your BITG Swag, on us! For a limited time, we’ll reimburse your merchandise purchase in BITG
  • Internal role responsibilities solidified — assigned dedicated team members to handle bounty requests & payouts (Jake, Alixb, Woozle)

Tech Development: Mobile Wallet, NoRestLabs, Bitcoin.js

  • Solidified our agreement with San Francisco based development shop, No Rest Labs
  • No Rest Labs is building the BITG Mobile Wallet and Web Wallet
  • #ZBLUE53 (Noah), with some help from a friend, is implementing Bitcoinjs-lib for BITG, a javascript library that will enable people to build third-party wallet or payment applications using Bitcoin Green.

Wallet Support: Reducing Scams, New Guides, Discord Live Support

  • We have taken measures to reduce the possibility of scams — which often occur when a scammer impersonates a team member
  • Added a new dedicated wallet support team, implemented Discord anti-scam algorithms, and additional security features in Wallet 1.3
  • We have an updated Masternode Setup Guide to reduce support requests
  • Watch Out For Scammers! BITG Support will not DM you on Discord. Do not agree to file transfers or screen sharing for wallet support

Community Leaders Program

  • We recently added new members to the “Community Leaders” role on Discord
  • These members have a blue name in Discord chat
  • Feel free to message Community Leaders to discuss Bitcoin Green!
  • The Community Leaders Program, made up of some of the project’s earliest supporters and most active community members, is designed to keep our community better informed about BITG developments and objectives, and to foster more focused discussion in #chat

Stay tuned for the announcement of our initial site launch. You can check our Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit for updates!

If you have any questions, please reach out at!