The Green Report — 11/20/2018

Welcome to our weekly progress report series, The Green Report. The Green Report series is designed to keep our community informed on recent Bitcoin Green developments. Make sure to check out last week’s report which contains more information about recent objectives.

1.3 New Protocol Launch

  • The new protocol update went live 2 days ago
  • Successful rollout–about 88% of all masternodes have updated their wallet!
  • Read more about the 1.3 release + how to update here. Progress

  • Over 2250 signups
  • Coin Vote design finalized–should be up by next week!
  • Coin Listing procedures finalized–an article will be released explaining listing process

CryptoPulse Podcast

  • We recently did an interview with the CryptoPulse podcast
  • UK’s #1 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Podcast
  • This interview features one of our co-founders and a large BITG stakeholder
  • You can view the podcast website here:

Delta Direct, Blockfolio Signal, KYD

  • We’ve been officially listed on the Delta Direct platform for sharing news and updates
  • This allows us to send push notifications about BITG news to hundreds of Delta users
  • We are also in the process of applying to Blockfolio Signal and the Know-Your-Developer (KYD) Platform

Recent Bounties

Stay tuned for the announcement of our initial site launch. You can check our Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit for updates!

If you have any questions, please reach out at!