The Green Report — 11/6/2018

Welcome to our weekly progress report series, The Green Report. The Green Report series is designed to keep our community informed on recent Bitcoin Green developments. Make sure to check out last week’s report which contains more information about recent objectives.

Partnerships: Progress

  • Officially approved to operate as an exchange in Malta!
  • There are now 1980 account signups

Merchandise Shop Update

Mobile and Paper Wallet Development

  • Mobile app wireframes completed
  • New graphic designer brought on board to complete screen designs

Wallet 1.3 Update Progress

  • We officially released Wallet Version 1.3 last week
  • Only about 60% of wallets have updated to the new version–(mandatory by Nov. 17th!)
  • Read more in the release article


  • Revamped process for processing inbound communications and opportunities, designed to maximize community involvement
  • Will be responding to many un-answered messages in the coming weeks
  • Many incoming communications will be directed to the Roots Program

Networking Events

  • Two of our co-founders attended blockchain-related events
  • Summit in Los Angeles, and WorldCryptoCon in Las Vegas
  • Networking to discuss Bitcoin Green, masternodes, & proof-of-stake

Stay tuned for the announcement of our initial site launch. You can check our Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit for updates!

If you have any questions, please reach out at!