The Green Report — 12/04/2018

Welcome to our weekly progress report series, The Green Report. The Green Report series is designed to keep our community informed on recent Bitcoin Green developments. Make sure to check out last week’s report.

Blockfolio Signal & Delta Direct

  • Blockfolio & Delta are both popular mobile applications for cryptocurrency tracking
  • Bitcoin Green has been added to the direct news platform on both applications
  • You can now receive important news and updates as push notifications to your phone via either application
  • This will help us reach our community more directly with regular updates
  • Blockfolio:
  • Delta:

Know Your Developer (KYD) Platform

  • We have been added to the Know Your Developer (KYD) Platform
  • This is a startup cryptocurrency project that does verification of project development teams in an effort to add transparency Progress

  • Over 2,500 signups!
  • Coin vote currently implemented–will be released over the next week
  • Stay tuned for a few key announcements…

Russian Community

  • Extremely fast growth of our Russian Community
  • Please check out
  • Welcome to our newest community leader, Zaisan! (@zaisan_BITG_RU in Discord)

Roots Bounty Program Highlighes

Stay tuned for the announcement of our initial site launch. You can check our Twitter, Discord, Telegram, and Reddit for updates!

If you have any questions, please reach out at!