The Green Report — 12/11/2018

Welcome to our weekly progress report series, The Green Report. The Green Report series is designed to keep our community informed about what is going on internally with Bitcoin Green developments. This Green Report contains a short summary of the week’s development progress. Make sure to check out last week’s report which contains more information about recent objectives.

New Translated Medium Publications

  • We have released our first translated articles on Medium — we now have a format for all translations.
  • Chinese Medium→here
  • Turkish Medium→here
  • Russian Medium→here (content coming soon)
  • For translation bounties, message alixb#6109 on Discord

NoRestLabs: WebWallet Development

  • NoRestLabs is our San Francisco based application development team
  • The BITG webwallet is in final draft form, view live updates here:
  • After webwallet, NRL will begin mobile wallet development
  • This week we finalized the design architecture for mobile wallet Progress

  • Over 2,600 signups!
  • Coin vote interface implemented and will be live in the coming week, along with official listing procedures
  • Major announcement coming later today

Roots Bounty Program Highlights

  • Raimon Domínguez wrote a great piece in Spanish!
  • Arantuil wrote a great steemit article about masternode/staking with BITG in relation to Dash.
  • We had some Merch Reimbursements, order some BITG Merch if you haven’t already!
  • Keep contributing bounty submissions! the link to submit a bounty is here

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If you have any questions, please reach out to!