The Green Report — February 2019

The Green Report is a monthly blog designed to keep the BITG community informed on recent developments. Make sure to check out the last report!

Stakebase Coin Votes

Sistemkoin Listing, Crypto-Bridge TUSD pair, Cryptopia Update

Web Wallet Released

Roots Bounty Program Highlights (OLD)

  • Many members of the Muhabbit community filled out bounties to get more users on stakebase and in our discord! This has led to a big number of new users for our community.
  • Cryptomoonie wrote an article about the BITG community that got on altcoinbuzz!
  • Community member paulrebel45#9925 wrote a medium article about how to stake BITG.
  • Community member Arantuil#8555 made a steemit article about stakebase and stickers for whatsapp
  • Keep participating in our twitter an discord airdrop competitions as we will have many more!

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