Wallet Update Guide

Jul 19, 2018 · 2 min read

We are excited to announce the release of our new wallet! If you have not already, please read our last blog post to see what’s included in this release. Please make sure to update your wallet prior to block 260,000, which will occur around 10:00AM EST, July 26th! If you don’t you will be on the old chain and will not be able to stake! Make sure to share this post with all your friends and followers that hold Bitcoin Green.

Step 0: Backup your Wallet

If you haven’t already, make sure to back up your wallet!

  1. Go to ‘File’
  2. Select ‘Backup Wallet…’
  3. Save the .dat file to an appropriate, secure location (ideally on a thumb drive/external hard drive)

Step 1: Update your GUI Wallet

Download the appropriate updated wallet for your operating system found on our Github in the 1.2.1 release: https://github.com/bitcoingreen/bitcoingreen/releases

For Windows 64bit, download:




For Mac, download:


After installing the new wallet, you must resync!

Tools->Wallet Repair->Delete Local Blockchain Folders

If you don’t have any masternodes, then you are done! If you do, then follow one of the following steps:

Step 2a: If you used the official Linux Controller/Cold guide:

Simply SSH into your VPS and and copy paste all of the following, then press enter:

wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/XeZZoR/scripts/master/BITG/update_120.sh && chmod 755 update_120.sh && sudo ./update_120.sh

Follow the prompts, then you are done!

Step 2b: If you used the official Windows Hot Wallet guide:

  1. open the new GUI wallet (downloaded in step 1)
  2. go to ‘Tools’
  3. click ‘Debug console’
  4. click ‘Wallet repair’ Tab
  5. Click ‘Delete Local Blockchain Folders — resync’
  6. The wallet will restart
  7. Wait for it to fully sync and start the masternodes on the Masternode tab
  8. That’s it!

Step 2c: If you set up your masternodes in another fashion:

Please reach out to us on Discord in the #mn-help or #wallet-help channels and ask us any technical questions you may have! We will be providing full technical support to ensure everyone successfully makes the switch!

Please join our Discord, Telegram and Reddit communities, and follow us on Twitter!

If you have any questions, please reach out to awareness@savebitcoin.io or comment below!


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We empower changemakers


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We empower changemakers