How To Create Google Home Actions Through Design Sprint?

On February 13th, 2018 we had a Prototype Google Home Actions event as a part of Berlin Lean Prototyping meetup.

Voice Interface Prototype Challenge

You are a part of Berlin Tegel Airport, How would you enhance Airport travel experience with voice interface?

I combined my learnings from the Google Design Sprint for the conversational interface at smart voice summit Paris & experience with my previous voice interface prototyping events. So, we had a modified version of Design Sprint.

“Get the design 90% right before a line of code is written” — Ben Sauer

We spent most of the time in exploring & understanding the problem, rapid prototyping, user testing, getting feedback & iterating many times without touching any piece of code.

Team forming

First time I used playing cards to form the teams, it’s easy, quick & random to form teams, thanks Google Design Team sharing this technique at smart voice summit.


Teams spent around ten minutes to understand the prototyping challenge. Identified Airport travel experience pain points.


Teams spent around ten minutes to choose & define one persona and one pain point/need worth solving using voice interface.


Everyone in the team spent around five minutes to come up with as many possible solutions for the pain point/need of the chosen persona. Out of these solutions, teams picked the best solution worth solving.


Once we had a better understanding of the context/challenge, teams created the storyboard of the user & the voice device using sticky notes.


Take voice commands from storyboarding step & use it in the prototyping tool to create voice interface prototype.

Low Fidelity

Role play is the quickest way to prototype voice interface

One person act like user/tester & another person as a voice interface device. It’s very import to act like a real user & device, putting yourself in the customer’s shoes & device. Other members of the team observe the role play & give feedback on what went wrong & what can be improved?


1. You don’t need any device for testing.
2. It’s quick & easy.


  1. You need a quiet space! It’s hard to perform role-play technique in the open space, workshops with many teams trying at the same time.
  2. You can’t test with the same user again & again.

Medium Fidelity

You can use VoiceX to quickly prototype voice interface. You can create voice interface prototypes on your mobile also using VoiceX.

High Fidelity provides a drag & drop platform to create voice interface quickly & easy to deploy on Google Home.


Teams validated their prototypes with other teams. Based on the feedback they updated the voice interface prototype.

Pitch session

Teams presented their solutions and explained their approach.

Summary of the event


Thanks a lot for supporting us Hicham Tahiri, team (William, Abdul & Yacine) and Google Design team for introducing Design Sprint for conversational interfaces at smart voice summit.


  1. documentation
  2. VoiceX, prototyping tool for voice interface
  3. smartvoicesummit
  4. Design Sprint

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