World Information Architecture Day Berlin 2018

On February 24th, 2018 we had a World Information Architecture Day Berlin 2018 as part of World IA Day celebration. We had a blast hosting this event.

2018 WIAD Theme — “IA for good”

Opening Keynote by Steven B. Cook

How can AI help to create Good IA & design? by Rory G

Digital Accessibility with Wiebke Mueller

The need for ethics in tech (Good Technology Collective) by Yann Leretaille

How does privacy regulation and privacy design as an enabler of innovation — Karen Reilly, Tech GDPR

Pizza at Lunch from La Pausa

Information Architecture in voice interface design by Jeffrey Humble

Ethics & Privacy by Chris Chinchilla

Chris Chinchilla gave a great insights on ethical challenges with future of technology.

UX & Security by Malte Wirz

Evening snacks Popcorn attack by Judith

Closing Keynote: How Customer Journey Maps and Personas help us to create good content? with Yuri Vedenin

Yuri inspired us to think about what is good/bad content? How it influences our life. he did a short workshop on redesigning BVG ticket.


  1. We had positive response to the content of each talk.
  2. We couldn’t take videos of all sessions, hopefully, we will get professional video recording next time.


Thanks a lot bitgrip for giving me the opportunity to work World IA Day Berlin & sponsoring swags for the event. Balsamiq for sponsoring breakfast, lunch & books for speakers. Infosys Innovation Fabrik Berlin, juLien Fredonie for providing the venue and all our supporters — UXPressia, Good Technology Collective, Berlin UIUX Designer meetup, VRARxD-Berlin & media partner BerlinValley.

We will back again next year 23rd February 2019

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