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Top Data Science Articles for 2021

Wrap up of the bitgrit data science publication, and a look to 2022.

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Over the past year, I’ve been writing data science articles for this publication.

As we are nearing 2022, I’ve decided to compile all of them in this article, to make things easier for you readers!

Whether you’re new to the publication, or you’ve been following what I write, I welcome you to browse through the list below and read (or read again) my writings.


These articles explained difficult concepts — interpretable machine learning, federated learning, and the top ML algorithms of the year.

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🔢 Top 5 Machine Learning Algorithms Explained

Exploring the most popular data science methods and their applications.

🧠 Making Machine Learning Models Interpretable

Methods to interpret any Machine Learning model.

🌌 Federated Learning — Decentralized ML

The privacy upgrade for Machine Learning.

🔬 A/B Testing, explained

What it is, how it works and why it’s important.


These articles talked about trends, applications of AI, and popular data roles.

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🎇 Why is Data Engineering popular now?

The deep dive into the trend of Data Engineering and why it’s essential.

👁 5 Computer Vision Trends for 2021

ML Engineer Sayak Paul presents key trends in Computer Vision.

👔 5 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Business

A quick look at how AI is applied in the real world today.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 5 Roles in Data in 2021

Data Scientists, Analysts, Data Engineers, and Machine Learning Engineers. What do they do?

Data Science Competition

We had 3 data science competitions this year, the Video Popularity Prediction Challenge, Viral Tweets Prediction Challenge, and the LitCoin NLP Challenge by NCATS & NASA.

Here are the articles that were written for these competitions.

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📱Building an XGBoost Model to Predict Video Popularity

A thorough guide to building a simple XGBoost machine learning model for a data science competition.

🔮 Using Data Science to Predict Viral Tweets

Can you use Machine Learning to predict which tweets will go viral?

🚀 LitCoin NLP Challenge by NCATS & NASA

Can you identify biomedical entities in research titles and abstracts?


We’ve also done a couple of tutorials/projects, from data cleaning with Python and building image classification models to scraping free data science books and visualizing your LinkedIn network.

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🧹 Data Cleaning with Python

A guide to data cleaning using the Airbnb NY data set.

🖼️ Building an Image Classification Model From Scratch

A step-by-step guide to building a CNN model with PyTorch.

📈 Ethereum Price Prediction with Python

A short guide to time series forecasting using the Prophet library.

📚 Scraping 100+ Free Data Science Books with Python

And using data science to decide which books to read.

🔎 Sentiment Analysis on Reddit Tech News with Python

A quick guide to sentiment analysis with NLTK on the subreddit r/technews.

📰 Build a News Article Summarizer App

Building a text summarizer with Newspaper3k, Hugging Face, and Gradio.

📊 Visualize your LinkedIn Network with Python

Wondering what your LinkedIn connections look like? Use graphs to find out.

Twitter Threads

I’ve also been writing threads for the bitgrit Twitter page, here are a few of them.

You can find more of these threads here.

If you find the content interesting, be sure to follow bitgrit for more quality threads 🧵!

Data Science Workshops

We’ve also had workshops and talks relating to AI, Data Science and Machine Learning, you can watch all of them on the bitgrit official YouTube channel.

What’s next?

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I hope these articles I’ve written helped or inspired you in some way.

Data Science and AI are ever-evolving and there’ll be dozens of new ideas, new open-source tools, and new methodologies.

My goal is to cover those tools and ideas better than ever, and to provide high-quality information to everyone.

Your feedback is very helpful so if you have any ideas or suggestions on what articles I should write, please comment below!👇

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