Easy tool to follow favorite Coins. Coin Tracking alert on Bitgur.

We built useful tool to help track Coins trading data, new listings, news, and events. It’s part of Bitgur Alerts.

Coin Tracking Alert screenshot

Now you can create Coin Tracking alert which includes:

  • Relative price change
  • Unusual Trade Volume
  • Listing on a new exchange
  • News related to coin (function will be added soon)
  • Events related to coin (function will be added soon)

You will receive short messages like:”XYZ (XyzCoin) price changed more than 5.0%. Current price is $777” or “Binance lists XYZ” every time when something will happen. There is no need to refresh sites permanently.

There is three delivery method on Bitgur Alerts. You can choose convenient for you.

  • Telegram Bot
  • E-mail
  • Browser Push.

URL: https://bitgur.com/alerts

We’ll be happy to know what do you think about this tool.