Bither, a Long Term Plan for Success

The Bither Platform team is not in a hurry, rather it is almost two years that we are working on the ideas, the feasibility of them, technical issues, solutions and other aspects of the project.

According to the history of Bither Platform in social networks, GitHub, etc. the project has been started in 2017.
Different forks with practical studies have been tested which are the evidence of planned and long term activities of Bither Platform team. The whitepaper has been discussed with top activists in cryptocurrency space and they found it valuable. The result of technical documents and advertising materials shows that the Bither Platform team is very serious and is familiar with the cryptocurrency space.

As expressed, Bither Platform is the result of two years of continuous efforts in which all the prospects and possible issues have been studied and scrutinized. These factors increase the chance of success in the project after the launch.