Bither Platform Distribution Plan

200 million Bither coins will be distributed and mined in total and 47 million of this amount, are premined. After the release of the main network, the remaining 153 million coins will be available to mine, it takes 295 months for miners to mine all the coins. The block time is 20 seconds and four coins will be created as a reward. This way, 6,300,000 coins will enter the cycle every year. In effect, the total number of the Bither stock is 100 million and at the time of Bither token presale, a quarter of the Bither stock tokens will be distributed among the contributors as a thank you to the supporters of the project. In fact, it can also be seen as an example of how a shareholding company can be run on the Bither network. By means of airdrop, 20 Rental Processor Token will be also distributed for each Bither Stock token. The Rental Processor token is the network’s currency for the transactions regarding the rent of hashing power. The Bither stock’s shareholders will receive a percentage of the rental processor token on a lifetime basis.