Right now we’re experiencing crypto market on the rise and our friends are starting to come back to this market.
Bitcoin is at its highest value in the last 9 months and it seems to be on the rise …
Crypto investors have spent a stressful year and right now, they’re happy because their portfolio value is increasing. But there are still worries about the possibility of a bearish market.
some people might be selling their coins and tokens right now and giving up while thinking about the possibility of another bullish market.
Now let’s journey back, to the time when the genius Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin. Surely the goal of creating Bitcoin wasn’t the rise of its currency value. One of the most important goals of creating a cryptocurrency is to make it a part of people’s lives and help them throughout everyday tasks.
We, as activists in this field, are trying our best in BitherPlatform to make it an inseparable part of everyone’s lives and base our advancement on bigger goals like the vision of Satoshi Nakamoto and help with the advancement of science and technology. BitherPlatform will be a project separated from politics with the only goal to make everyone’s lives better.
In this unpredictable market, we suggest you sit back, have a cup of coffee and watch your Bither tokens and think about BitherPlatform shaping the future like Google, Apple & Amazon.