The Advantages of Using Ethereum Network in Bither Platform

The reason for using Ethereum for pre-sale and also defining initial tokens of the Bither platform is its network’s ability to create more complicated systems in a shorter period of time with lower cost. Ethereum based tokens are based on a structure that has the following advantages:

1. Security and ease of use: Considering that initially, Bither coins are distributed among project supporters as tokens, Ethereum is the safest and most appropriate platform for token distribution.

2. Having good and supportive clients: Considering Ethereum’s popularity among blockchain users, and also the familiarity of many users with its transaction process and its tokens, it will be easier and more convenient for supporters of the project to take part.

3. High liquidity ratio: The number of Ethereum coins and their distribution ratio is high and its transaction fee is lower than Bitcoin.

4. Its availability in most currency exchanges: As previously stated, the distribution system of both tokens of Bither and Bither Stock will take place simultaneously. In most currency exchanges, they have an accessible and premade infrastructure for ERC20 standard and can easily and quickly add the Ethereum tokens. 
Considering this, and the fact that necessary coordination has been done with a number of currency exchanges, after the distribution process and presale is finished, adding Bither and Bither Stock to the exchanges will immediately start.

5. Smart contracts: Considering the complexity of distributing bonuses according to time and other characteristics, using smart contracts will bring more comfort and transparency.