Trusted Masternodes

In the Bither Platform network, the below conditions must be met to automatically identify, accept, and permit a masternode to operate:
a. Owning 3000 coins of Bither Platform(BTR)
b. Preparing a dedicated server or VPS with Linux OS with the following specs:

These hardware specs are the minimum requirement offered by the core team for the first year. In the following years by expanding the network, and to stay compatible with software developments, some changes may be required. Of course, through communication channels, the proper announcements will take place accordingly.
c. A dedicated IP address (often provided by server provider)
This IP address must not be in the network blacklist (the banned addresses by other trusted masternodes).
d. Software installation and configurations:
• Installing the specific masternode software on the server or VPS through a step-by-step guideline published on the official website.
• Sending 3000 BTR to a wallet which is dedicated to the masternodes.
• Final configuration to download the network updates from the given standard software.
• Downloading the latest Bither blockchain information, and a stable internet connection for continual updates.
Note 1:
The masternodes of the Bither Platform network which bring valuable services to the network will receive 10% of the total of multi-mining revenue of the network.
Note 2:
Trusting a masternode will be achieved through an automatic process by other trusted masternodes. One of the trusting conditions for masternodes is a 95% non-stop connectivity to the main network in every 5000 blocks (almost 27 hours and 47 minutes). The next condition is the correct operation of each masternode, the output data of every masternode gets validated continually by other masternodes, and in case of any malfunctioning, the dishonest masternode will exit the network, and the eject command for it will be sent to other masternodes and miners. 
Note 3:
If a masternode denies servicing the network more than 5% of total 5000 block cycles or requests withdraw command for its tokens (3000 BTR), it will be deleted from the trusted list until it meets all the required conditions again.