You Are a Winner in This Tournament

Suppose you got into a marathon race, the rules for this race are a bit different than normal races. Assume these rules are considered that you can enter the race at any time or distance and also you can use the energy as high as other competitors and benefit the corespondent rewards.
All the competitors are the winners even who entered the race in the very last time or distance, but there is a major difference here, everyone who gets more rewards during the race is the real winner.
The BitherPlatform token distribution system works as the mentioned example. You can participate in it at any time or step during the token sale period and buy as much as you want. All the token buyers are the winners of this tournament finally.
But there is a difference we mentioned in the above race in the amounts of rewards. You enter earlier you get more bonuses of BitherPlatform project. The token distribution system considered exciting bonuses in various steps. They are up to 40% for Bither Stock and Rental Processor tokens and 10% for Bither tokens. 
The question is how attractive can this competition be?
With a study on BitherPlatform project and better understanding it, you could realize more concept behind the sample race mentioned above. We really recommend you to do more study before you participate in any project.

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