BG Learning’s Successful Season 6-Decoding the Secret to Advanced and Informative Crypto Investment

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Sep 27 · 4 min read
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Bithumb Global’s learning platform, BG Learning has recently completed its 6th season. The platform provides its users with a unique opportunity to learn about the crypto sector and earn profits through crypto investments at the same time. The motivation behind this initiative was the need to increase the level of clear understanding among crypto investors of all kinds of crypto projects and crypto investments in general.

The need also emerges out of the various fraudulent and shady financial practices carried out by different crypto projects of different shapes and sizes. These add to the existing worries about the lack of Government regulation in the sector as much as there is for other conventional asset classes. And as the combined effect of all these uncertainties, many interested and enthusiastic investors in the sector get discouraged to make any significant contribution, thus leading to the stifling of the overall industry.

This effort from Bithumb Global comes as a silver bullet for the problem of the lack of knowledge and understanding of the sector. In fact, the project provides a safety net for investors who might be pooling their money in projects that they have no clue about, and therefore not understanding whether these are compatible with their needs. However, beyond that, the structure of the program is such that the learners, who are also investors, get incentives for learning the basics of analyzing crypto projects in terms of their financial models, viability, and forms of return to name a few.

The platform also allows the investors to connect and discuss these concepts and tricks with the veterans in the field. They get to learn from their first-hand experience and apply this knowledge through practical investment opportunities. Apart from this, prospects for peer learning are also abundant on the platform, like any other learning platform. Here the learners will be able to discuss with and understand from the experience of the other learners on the platform. All this gives the learners new perspectives on whatever learning resources about projects and general concepts they access on the platform, making the learning experience increasingly more rewarding for them.

The Projects on the BG Learning Platform

The BG Learning platform is also a great place to access some of the best projects in the crypto sector. These are based on innovative and cutting edge technologies that have been handpicked by the experienced curators from the Bithumb Global team.

Some of the most popular projects which have been featured on the BG Learning platform are Proxi DeFi (CREDIT), Hedget (HGET), Mantra DAO (OM), and Gather (GATH) to name a few. And after featuring on the subsequent seasons of the BG Learning platform, the prices of these tokens have been leveraged subsequently.

All these are projects of very different natures; they include Decentralized Finance institutions like Mantra DAO, ProxiDeFi, Hedget, as well as functional business product based innovations like Gather. Even between the decentralized finance categories, there is significant differentiation. While, Mantra DAO, is a completely community governed decentralized ecosystem providing various financial services to its community members, ProxiDeFi focuses on peer to peer lending services over a blockchain platform and Hedget’s focus is on creating a decentralized platform for hedging of crypto assets against the market shocks through an advanced algorithm at a minimal fee.

The Gather network on the other hand is a platform that provides cloud computing power to businesses and other organizations to monetize their traffic without using online ad sources like Google ads.

That is to say, these projects can be categorized under various kinds of business models, and therefore help the users learn about projects which cater to different audiences and use different functionalities of the crypto sector. This rounded understanding about the sector through practical investment experiences will definitely help the users be more involved in the process of crypto trading and investment on a more regular basis, in or outside of the Bithumb Global platform.

The Success of the Previous Seasons

Over the period of 6 seasons, the BG learning platform has shown great results in terms of the leverage of the coins that have further attracted projects to participate in the auctions. This, in turn, has increased not only the choices of the investors over time but also has made it more likely for the learners to find the projects that are most compatible with their requirements.

From a Bud to a Bloom: Project Listing Prices Before and After

TRIX (Listing price 15$, current price 19$)

STPT (Listing price 0.009$, current price 0.02$, pumped 200%+)

PROM (Listing price 1.1$, current price 2.1$, pumped almost 200%)

And these are just a few of the projects that have found success on the platform. Having achieved great successes in the past seasons, the 6th season of BG Learning has been completed with more remarkable outcomes and greater participation. This has urged the Bithumb Global Learning team and the whole community to come back with better projects in the coming seasons as well. And therefore, the learners in the future projects will benefit way more and all this will contribute to the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, eventually leading to more advanced decision making across the board.

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