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Bithumb Global Integrates New Fiat Gateway — Indacoin

Bithumb Global has entered into a partnership with Indacoin that allows users to purchase digital currency using the Indacoin channel on the [Fiat] page of [Buy Cryto].

The 11 additional fiat currencies now supported by Indacoin include:

EUR (Euro), RUB ( Rusisan Ruble ), AUD(Australian Dollar), GBP (Pound sterling), USD(United States Dollar),SEK(Swedish krona),CAD(Canadian Dollar),CHF( Swiss franc), DKK(Danske kroner),PLN(Polish Zloty),CAK(Czech koruna)

About Indacoin:

Indacoin has been operating in the UK since 2013, and its primary focus is to provide an easy way to buy bitcoins and more than 100 cryptocurrencies for 15 minutes with Visa & Mastercard.

Thanks for your support. Bithumb Global will continue to work with partners around the world to provide users with better services for buying and selling digital currencies.

Happy trading!



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