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How does Bithumb Global become the Dark Horse in 2019?

In May 2019, at the beginning of the bull market, the international legion of an old Korean exchange is rising rapidly. With excellent trading experience, perfect risk control system, and intelligent security system, it is well received by global users.

“Bithumb Global, as the international station of the exchange in Korea, Bithumb, in addition to its huge volume of Korean market, we continue to focus on the international market, deepen the incremental market of cryptocurrency users, and provide digital asset trading services to users around the world. Our aim is to become the first team in the world and build a professional, safe and top international trading platform.” Will, head of Bithumb Global said in an interview of “Jin Se Finance”.

Bithumb Global High Quality Projects

Since its launch in May, Bithumb Global ( has launched nearly 30 high-quality digital assets, including BTC, ETH, USDT, LTC, DASH, QTUM and so on. In addition, we also launched the most promising potential projects such as MIX (MixMarvel), TIC (Tic Talk), PET (Allpet), and EON (Dimention).

EON — Opening Price Jumped 200%

PET — Opening Price Jumped 200%

In the future, Bitmumb Global will continue to launch quality projects to better meet the needs of users.

「BG Stagging」 — New ICO came out of the blue, $300,000 Prize Pool was snapped up in one hour

In order to better give back the support from users around the world, Bithumb Global launched give-back zone “BG Stagging” on July 6. “BG Stagging” is an innovative service. Users can use major token that is idle on the platform to prove their assets. We will help users enjoy the rich profits and realize appreciation through fun activities such as lucky draws and gift packages, so as to achieve the purpose of giving back to users to the greatest extent. Different from the traditional ICO, IEO and ILO, it has zero cost, safer and more stable features, allowing users to realize asset appreciation in the invisible. The launch of “BG Stagging” aims to select high-quality and top-level projects for global blockchain investors, create maximum value for user assets, and truly “Get Global Debut Tokens without Cost “!

After “BG Stagging” was launched, it was strongly forwarded and affirmed by Cyber Celebrity in the crypto world.

At the same time, on the day of launching, it received extensive attention and the event was unprecedented. 300,000 USDT grand prize pool was snapped up in an hour. In order to better provide benefits to users, Bithumb Global team added two rounds of prize pool during the event. Finally, a total of $660,000 were sent out.

「BG Staking」Bulge Your Wallet

“BG Staking” is a digital asset-based wealth management product launched by Bithumb Global. Bithumb Global selects premium projects to provide users with one-touch and steady finance services. On “BG Staking”, users choose projects for financial management. Projects launched have corresponding investment cycle and yield, and users can choose to buy them freely. The income is calculated according to the time of interest calculation. After the maturity of the project, the principal and income are transferred to the account, and the user can get the agreed income. Its first project, B91 Season 1 had an annualized yield of 120% and sold out within three days.

「BG Staking」 is said to be the “safe haven” for investors to allocate idle assets and obtain high annualized returns.

Referral Commission

Bithumb Global officially launched Referral Commission Service recently. Invite friends to register Bithumb Global via exclusive invitation code/link. The referral commission will be returned to your account in the form of actual token. Users who invite friends directly will get a 40% commission, while users who invite indirectly will get 10% commission.

“C2C” Business is coming soon, and the platform token can be expected

Currently, the C2C section has been launched on Bithumb Global, which will provide point-to-point trading services for digital assets such as USDT and EUSD in the future, so that users around the world can simply and conveniently buy and sell digital assets with local fiat currency. At the same time, token of platform is also in the process of further development.

Sunny, Bithumb Global CMO said, “At present, the development of Bithumb Global has made some progress, but there is still a long way to go. In the future, we will continue to focus on compliance development, and drive Global market and strive to build Bithumb Global into a world-class trading platform.”




Worldwide Distributed Digital Asset Exchange

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Bithumb Global

Bithumb Global

Worldwide Distributed Digital Asset Exchange

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