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[Listing] Mirror Protocol (MIR)

Fellow Bithumb Users,

This is No.1 Digital Asset Platform, Bithumb.

We are pleased to announce that Mirror Protocol(MIR) will be listed on Bithumb today.

We will also run ‘6 BTC Airdrop Event’ in order to celebrate our new listing.

The details about the event are as follows.

We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to your active participation.

1. Listing details of Mirror Protocol(MIR)

■ Open date of Deposit address : 2020.12.29 (Tue) at 4:00 PM (KST)
■ Timeline for listing :2020.12.29 (Tue) in the afternoon (KST)
■ Available channel : PC Web, Mobile, API
■ Digital Asset Review report : Shortcut >>​
* Mirror Protocol can be only deposited in ERC-20, so please be aware during the process of deposit.

2. Mirror Protocol(MIR)’s Airdrop Event for Trading

■ Event Period : 2020.12.29 (Tue) listing time ~ 2020.12.30 (Wed) 24:00 (KST)
■ Event details : BTC will be distributed in accordance with each daily contribution rate of MIR during the event period. (for 2 days)

** Contribution Rate(%) = (Total MIR transaction amount of member A during the event period / Total MIR transaction amount on each round during the event period) %

3. Mirror Protocol(MIR)’s Airdrop Recipient

Bithumb will airdrop the payment for customers who are participating in LUNA’s staking program in accordance with the Mirror Protocol foundation’s announcement on Snapshot schedule. Please refer to the official channel and announcement of Mirror Protocol foundation below for the snapshot period and airdrop recipeints.

■ Payment Date : 2020.12.29 (Tue) in the afternoon
Snapshot Timeline : 2020.11.23 (Mon) at 12:36 PM (KST)
Airdrop Recipient: The customers who have agreed on Staking of LUNA(LUNA) at the time of snapshot
Payment Ratio : Total airdrop amount of MIR / Total amount of LUNA of airdrop recipient at the time of snapshot
Announcement on the Official Channel : Shortcut>>

4. Caution

■ This event will be limited to trading of Mirror Protocol(MIR) which has been newly listed on Bithumb.
■ A lump-sum payment of Airdrop will be made on January 6tht, 2021 (Thu).
■ Payment will be trimmed by 4 decimal places.
■ If the transaction is considered as illegal or abnormal, you will not be eligible for the event participation.
** Transactions occurring from Exchange or Foundation’s account will be considered as abnormal transactions, which will not be eligible for the event participation.
■ Prime members and customers who have participated in other events on Bithumb will be excluded from this event. ​
Bithumb may request an extra authentication process, conduct restriction on deposit/withdrawal and proceed account blocking for the users with unauthenticated accounts and the new users who have joined Bithumb within 7 days based on the announcement day.

Thank you.




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