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[Event] Stratis(STRAX)’s Trading Airdrop Event

Fellow Bithumb Users,
This is No.1 Digital Asset Platform, Bithumb.

The STRAX Foundation has launched the Stratis Decentralized Accelerator (SDA) for project incubation and financing in the early stages of development. Through SDA, the project can secure development funds using Stratis blockchain technology and developers can build blockchain solutions in a more familiar and secure environment.

[Go to STRAX Decentralized Accelerator(SDA) Official Announcement]

In commemoration of the release of SDA, the Foundation is holding a 35,000 STRAX airdrop event as follows, so we would appreciate your interest and participation in the event.

1. Stratis(STRAX)’s Trading Airdrop Event [Trade STRAX Now]

■ Event Period : 2021.04.30 (Fri) ~ 2021.05.01 (Sat), both days 12:00 ~ 24:00 (KST)
■ Event Details : STRAX will be distributed to participants with Top 1st ~ 3rd highest accumulation of STRAX trading amount everyday during the event period.
1/N of the distribution amount will be distributed to all participants who trade STRAX for more than 200,000 KRW each day during the event period(Top 1st ~ 3rd participants excluded).

** Accumulation of transaction amount = Total STRAX transaction amount of member A during the event period
** If the cumulative transaction amount is the same, rank will be reflected in order of transaction completion time
** Actual Payment Quantity = A total payment quantity / The number of eligible members (ex. 4th ~ all participants : 5,000 STRAX / N)

2. Stratis(STRAX) Deposit Airdrop Event

■ Event Period: 2021.04.30 (Fri) 12:00 ~ 2021.05.01 (Sat) 24:00
■ Event Details: STRAX will be distributed to members with Top 1st ~ 100th highest accumulation of completed STRAX external deposit in accordance with the deposit contribution rate during the event period.

** Deposit Contribution Rate(%) = (Total STRAX deposit amount of member A during the event period / Total STRAX deposit amount during the event period) %
** It is not eligible for payment if there is no STRAX transaction history after deposit. If there is a history of external withdrawal of STRAX during the event period, it is also not eligible for event payment.

3. Caution

■ This event may be subject to change / terminated early due to internal circumstances.
■ The events can be participated in duplicate, and event airdrops will be awarded to 4 decimal places.
■ The event rewards are scheduled to pay out on May 20, 2021 (Thu).
■ If it is considered an illegal or abnormal transaction, it may be excluded from the event or canceled.
** Exchange and Foundation-related accounts are also excluded from payment.
■ Participants who use the Bithumb fee free coupon and prime members are not eligible for this event.

Thank you.



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