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[Listing] Rai Finance(RAI)

Fellow Bithumb Users,

This is No.1 Digital Asset Platform, Bithumb.

We are pleased to announce that Rai Finance(RAI) will be added on KRW/BTC market today.

The details about the event are as follows.
We greatly appreciate your support and look forward to your active participation.

1. Rai Finance(RAI) KRW/BTC market listing event details.

Rai Finance(RAI) Listing Timeline
■ Open date of Deposit address: 2021.04.02 (Fri) at 2:30 PM (KST)
■ Listing time: 2021.04.02 (Fri) in the afternoon
■ Available channel : PC Web, Mobile, API
■ Digital Asset Review report : Will be updated shorty >>

2. Rai Finance(RAI) Event

2–1. Rai Finance(RAI) for a single transaction will be distributed!

■ Event period : 2021.04.02 (Fri) Deposit Opening ~ 2021.04.04 (Sun) 24:00 (KST)
■ Event details : 300,000 RAI in total will be orderly distributed to customers who trade during the event period. (Until the amount exhaustion)

** Customers can participate only once on UID basis
** End point of this event will be noticed through additional announcement

2–2. Rai Finance(RAI)’s Airdrop Event for Trading

Event Period : 2021.04.02 (Fri) listing time ~ 2021.04.04 (Sun) 24:00 (KST)
Event details : BTC will be distributed in accordance with each daily contribution rate of RAI during the event period. (for 3 days)

** Contribution Rate(%) = (Total RAI transaction amount of member A during the event period / Total RAI transaction amount on each round during the event period) %

3. Caution

■ This event will be limited to trading of Rai Finance(RAI) which have been newly listed on Bithumb
■ Airdrop will be made on April 20th, 2021 (Tue) and payment will be trimmed by 4 decimal places.
■ If the transaction is considered as illegal or abnormal, you will not be eligible for the event participation.
** Transactions occurring from Exchange or Foundation’s account will be considered as abnormal transactions, which will not be eligible for the event participation.

■ Prime members and customers who have participated in other events on Bithumb will be excluded from this event. ​
■ Bithumb may request an extra authentication process, conduct restriction on deposit/withdrawal and proceed account blocking for the users with unauthenticated accounts and the new users who have joined Bithumb ithin 7 days based on the announcement day.
■ On Bithumb Trader’s APP, only BTC market trading history is provided, trading service will be provided on a separate date.

Thank you.



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