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[Notice] Qi Token(QI) airdrop provided to Qtum(QTUM) holders

Fellow Bithumb Users,
This is No.1 Digital Asset Platform, Bithumb.

Bithumb will support the Qi Token(QI) airdrop provided to Qtum(QTUM) holders.

[Official Announcement from the Foundation]

■ Qi Token(QI) Airdrop
- For users holding Qtum(QTUM) at the time of snapshot
- Airdrop Rate : QTUM : QI = 1 : 0.5
- Airdrop Distribution : The date of airdrop distribution will be announced through a separate announcement.

■ The Schedule of Deposit and Withdrawal Suspension and Snapshot
- Deposit and Withdrawal Services Suspension : 2021.2.11(Thu) 16:00 (KST) scheduled
- Block Height : 793,284
- Date of Expected Snapshot : 2021.2.13(Sat) 00:00 (KST)
* Snapshot is performed based on block height, and the expected snapshot timing may change depending on network conditions and block creation speed.

-This airdrop is subject to change depending on internal circumstances and the Qi Token(QI) Foundation’s airdrop policy.
- Qtum(QTUM) that has not been deposited at the time of the snapshot is not included in the airdrop target.
- The schedule of support for the Qi Token(QI) transaction and deposit and withdrawal service will be announced in the future.

Bithumb always wishes our fellow users to experience the best services with us.
Thank you.



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