bitJob and Exciting Collaboration expect to list the STU token, as the first exchange, right after the completion of the bitJob ICO

The Crypto One Stop Solution, will bring STU token to the masses.

In our point of view, one of the best ways to spread the gospel of Blockchain technology, is to collaborate throughout win-win models. This is the core culture of bitJob, and we are very happy to share the same ideas and concept with venture. We are delighted to announce on this important collaboration, that will help us add user-friendly solutions for our users, the global student ecosystem.

Ethereum Partnership

We feel we have found a classic match with
A wonderful team, strong ideas and great execution, made our call a very easy one!

COSS stands for Crypto-One-Stop-Solution and represents a platform embracing all features of a digital ecosystem, and aimed at boosting the adoption of crypto. The COSS platform unifies all transactional aspects that are usually managed by means of FIAT money, and offers multiple cryptocurrency-related services in one place: e.g. a payment gateway / POS, an exchange, a merchant list, market cap rankings, a marketplace, an e-wallet, various coin facilities and a mobile platform.

The COSS token is a revenue-generating cryptocurrency, developed on the Ethereum Blockchain as an ERC20 Token, that enables owners to receive revenues in the form of transaction fees charged by the COSS system for cryptocurrency transactions.

Rune Evensen

Rune Evensen, Visionary and Co-founder:

“We aim to not only develop and launch multiple features ourselves, but also to be a preferred launchpad for other startups. IT skills and sales and marketing skills doesn’t always go hand in hand, and that is where we feel we have found our niche. By inviting other startups to launch their products/services on our platform, we aim to create a true win-win situation. They get access to customers from day one, and the offering from COSS becomes stronger.”

The COSS token holders receive revenues to their wallets on a weekly basis. Currently, the revenue share is generated from the transaction fees when payments in Bitcoin, Ether, and other cryptocurrencies supported by COSS are sent via the Payment Gateway/POS and/or through the Crypto Exchange. In the nearest future, COSS will adopt other revenue generating Features.

On a personal note, we have found that Rune fits perfectly to bitJob’s grand vision, as we are inspired by our own next generation:

“The inspiration in my life are my kids. It might sound bold, but my goals have never been financial. In my mind there has always been a voice telling me to create a legacy. Yes it is a big goal, but even after I am long gone, I want my kids and their kids again to be able to point/visit/go to someplace and say “grandpa/dad” build that.”
Rune Evensen, Visionary and Co-founder,

We share the same enthusiasm regarding our Legacy and how it may affect the next generations. We trust that this partnership will accelerate the efforts the reshape the students earn a living!

“When a contributor asks me why they should contribute to bitJob, I answer with my heart: I have a 3-year old daughter and a 4-month old baby boy. I want my legacy to be remembered as one of the people who reshaped the way that they earn a living in the future. In my student days, I worked years in jobs that didn’t help my CV and lost valuable years of experience along the way. We are working very hard to change this equation, and also understand that we have the opportunity through bitJob to change the lives of numerous population groups, that are being pushed into a corner these days all around the world, AKA “The Unbanked”.”
Elad Kofman, Co-founder and CMO, bitJob.
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