bitJob and Matchpool Partner up

The bitJob team met with Yonatan Ben-Shimon, Matchpool CEO and Founder, at the Matchpool offices and agreed on the cooperation between the two startups.

Elad and Yonatan brainstorming

This partnership is the first drop (pun intended) of the revolution, that bitJob is going to bring to the world of labor. Matchpool is a natural partner, helping bitJob creating the new network for students — and make it globally.

We are happy to announce about a successful collaboration with Matchpool. We at bitJob are constantly looking for complementary services, in order to create the best platform for students worldwide and to ensure that the employer receives the most professional work at a fair price. We hope to publish in the coming days more collaborations we are currently working on.

Hot From the Oven!!

Matchpool are actively seeking for two talents.
A rare chance to work with the best — CRYPTO STYLE!
Take a look and feel free to send your CV to if you qualify.

Matchpool is a well-funded community driven social network, built on blockchain that incentivizes connections between people. We are currently looking for 2 full stack developers to join our exciting startup and be part of developing the future vision of the company.

1. Technical Writer


● Spend lot of time in bitcointalk, reddit, and all the crypto groups.

● A creative thinker.

● Strong communication skills and grasp of written English.

● Experience documenting or building web applications, especially at an enterprise scale.

● Familiarity with web standards, APIs, and other internet technologies.

● Hands-on approach to documentation.

● Competence in any mainstream programming language.


● Familiarity with Node.js.

● Comfortable with HTML and CSS.

● Experience in the finance and banking sector.

● Knowledge of decentralized systems and cryptography.


2. Guerilla Marketer


● Spend lot of time in bitcointalk, reddit, and all the crypto groups.

● A creative thinker.

● Enjoys solving problems. 

● Self-motivated.

● Great communication skills and ability to communicate at board level.

● Able to manage tasks and goals.

● Diverse skillset in different fields of coding & tech (BackEnd, FrontEnd, Databases, Scripting, TechOps etc.)

● A love of all tech.

● Working with people in a close team and solving complex problems.

● Getting things done :)

Send your CV today to:


bitJob presale is starting August 2nd.
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